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Casual Awards Luncheon

NH Region Staff is pleased to bring you an afternoon of camaraderie, socialization and our annual Patroller Awards Presentation at the Waterville Valley Village Conference Center (not the ski area).  Meet us in the village square at the conference center for cocktails, an afternoon luncheon, and the Awards Presentation.

$29.95 per person

Registered before April 20th, children 14 and under are free

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NH Region Ski Patrol keeps members up to date with important news.  Check out the News page to see it all.  Program specific news can also be found on inside the individual educational services pages.

Region's Educational Courses

Educational courses for all of the NSP disciplines are open for student registrations.  Members looking for Toboggan Enhancement, Senior Program events, Mountain Travel and Rescue, and Avalanche can start by viewing the Calendar.  Event pages specific to each discipline can be found on the PROGRAMS webpage.

NH Region NOMINATIONS for Region Director and Northern Section Chief

About NH Region Ski Patrol

NH Region Ski Patrol operates the educational infrastructure of National Ski Patrol (NSP) within New Hampshire.  NSP has almost five hundred members in NH made up of both volunteers and professionals spread out over 18 member patrols all around New Hampshire.

About National Ski Patrol

NH Region Ski Patrol operates the educational infrastructure of National Ski Patrol (NSP) within New Hampshire.  NSP has almost five hundred members in NH made up of both volunteers and professionals spread out over 18 member patrols all around New Hampshire.



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Region Director

Congratulations To All….

The Patrollers of the Eastern Division, including those from New Hampshire, proudly stepped up, voted, and elected the “Slate of Five” National Board Candidates previously discussed on this post, on the Division Website, at your refreshers, and on Facebook, Twitter, etc…..

Congratulations to:

Wendy Aarnio – Southern Vermont Region
Chris Pringle – EMARI Region
Rick Knight – Connecticut Region
Morgan Armstrong – Southern Division
Ken Kramer – Rocky Mountain Division

Now that you have exercised your vote, and elected them to the NSP’s National Board of Directors, let them hear your thoughts.

Thanks for all your effort.

Paul Kelly
New Hampshire Region Director

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Welcome Back…

Hello New Hampshire,

While we are just beginning the 2017/2018 season (and some resorts are still not operating yet), I feel like we are already in mid-season given all of the activity. With a full OEC class, an MTR 1 clinic, an Instructor Development class, refreshers, and several Region meetings, all having been completed, it has been a very active fall. Add to that the National Board election and its associated meetings, discussions and conference calls, and it’s easy to understand how ski patrolling is stretching beyond the typical mid-December to March timeframe.

With regard to the National Board election, regardless of the outcome, there are some much needed “thank you’s” to be given: To the New Hampshire Region Staff for being so supportive and willing to carry out the election messaging; to Patrol Directors for welcoming and allowing Region Staff precious time at refreshers to discuss the election and its issues, and for their encouragement of their Patrollers to exercise their right to vote; and, lastly, to all New Hampshire Region Patrollers, for your willingness to listen to us, the thoughtful questions that you asked, and your desire to do the right thing to protect this organization that we all love. However, As I cautioned the groups that I spoke with this fall, this is not a one-and-done exercise. The commitment that you all demonstrated this year in working to understand the National issues, and especially how they impact you and your Patrol (and they do), will, unfortunately, need to be carried forward. While we will be there carrying the message, we will need you to do the heavy lifting…….continue to ask questions and continue to vote.

I would also like to call your attention to our completely redeveloped website, in case you had not taken notice. The redesign incorporates easier navigation, new information, and a cleaner, more modern design. The site is where you will find our calendar of events, online registration, and contact information. While a number of people had input into the design, Northern Section Chief 0rest 0har is owed the Region’s gratitude for his extensive time and effort in carrying out the technical redevelopment. Check it out!!!

As noted above, several training classes/clinics have already been completed this fall. This, really, is a testament to the knowledgeable and dedicated training staff we are lucky to have here in New

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Region Board

Sunday River PATROLLER SCHOOL Registration

Eastern Division Outdoor Emergency Transportation (OET) and EMARI region asked NH to help register NSP members division-wide seeking to attend the SUNDAY RIVER PATROLLER SCHOOL.

EMARI and Maine Regions partner annually to organize the event, which attracts more than 80 NSP participants. Patrollers come from all over the division to attend a two-day Patroller School where Toboggan Enhancement and Snowsport Enhancement seminars are offered at all levels. NH Region was asked to help streamline registration using our web-based educational event and e-commerce computer servers.

The goal is to provide customers seeking ski patrol specific training to have a simplified registration page for choosing courses during the two-day event. Follow this link to the Sunday River PATROLLER SCHOOL Registration to see the course offerings. There are toboggan, skiing, and snowboarding events. Instructors looking for final certification and TE Candidates needing an evaluation, come together with Division Staff members and NSP members purchasing personalized ski patrolling educational seminars. It’s like receiving small group lessons on the terrain of Sunday River — choose senior level lessons or intermediate level for those who want an informative stress-free seminar. The Eastern Division Women’s Program also offers women-only events.

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Interview with NSP’s Meegan Moszynski

Mark Clem is an Eastern Division Patroller from Maryland who produces a YouTube TV show called “Meet the Members of the NSP.” He travels all over the division, visiting patrols at a variety of mountains spread across all the Regions that make up or division’s territory. Is interviews seek to uncover the variety of Ski Patrolling that exists across the resorts, from large corporate resorts, down to the smallest family oriented ski hill.

Recently Mark took the show to Lakewood Colorado to interview Meegan Moszynski, the new Executive Directors of the National Ski Patrol. Meegan has only been on the job since the end of summer, and she has hit the ground running. Watch this episode of “Meet the Members of the National Ski Patrol” to meet our newest NSP member . . .

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