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2021 Southern and Central Section Chief Elections

Southern Section patrols and Central Section patrols will be voting during the 2021 election season for Section Chiefs. Lisa Kling, the current incumbent, is running unopposed for election as Southern Section Chief, and Deb Brown, also an incumbent, is running unopposed for re-election for Central Section Chief.

The Northern Section is not in contention because its elections are held during even-numbered years. Ballots will be available to all section member patrollers by email invitation. Voting opens on October 31st and ends on November 20, 2021.

As voting Patrollers, we ask you to please familiarize yourselves with the candidate’s campaign and Ski Patrolling Curriculum Vitae:

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It’s that time of year again !!

It’s Refresher season !!

Ok, so its warmer than it should be for the end of October, and most of us haven’t had our first frost yet, but its still going to be a great season…

 At the end of last season I commented on how that was the strangest season to date with all the COVID issues and protocols, reservation systems, chairlifts and lodge occupancy restrictions, etc. While we are not out of the covid woods yet, this season is starting off slightly better. We are pretty much done with the chairlift and lodge restrictions. Most of the resorts have gotten away from the reservation systems, and in most places we don’t need to boot up in the car. We still will have to wear masks in many indoor locations, but as far as I can see not outside and in lift lines.

Remember that there are several emails around for the NBOD voting, the CISM surveys, and our own local Region Elections. Stay tuned for more on that –

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Stress Management is Important

“Seeking help is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength”

As Eric Snyder explains to the patrollers at Bear Creek Ski Patrol in Pennsylvania. Eric is a full-time paid patroller at Bear Creek, an OEC Instructor, and an active Instructor and Evaluator in the Pennsylvania State EMT System. He is also an active member of the Eastern Division PSA Team.

PSA stands for “Patroller Stress-Awareness” Team. The team is charged with publicizing the importance of job-related stress among Ski patrollers, to let our membership know that help is available. But more important than providing avenues for help, the team’s mission is to help break down the stigma of asking for help.

Getting help early after a traumatic stress episode is key for easing a patroller’s stress. Stress builds over time causing . . .

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Another season in the books (and its been a strange one)

Hi All.

Hopefully this finds you all safe and healthy.

We’ve come to the end of what will go down in the books as one of the strangest seasons on record.

Weather wise, we had a tremendous snowfall early in the season, followed by a rain event that negated most of that snowfall. Followed by a dry stretch that lasted into February. We had some snow in February but then basically nothing in March except regularly above average temps by 15 to 20 degrees. Several ski areas had the lowest seasonal snowfall totals they could remember, and when the snow finally returned (in April) most mountains were already closed…

And then there was COVID.

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Ski Patrol included in the Phase 1a vaccine distribution

First off — I’d like to wish you all a very happy and healthy new year. I can honestly say I’m not sad to see the door close on 2020.

We’ve started out the year on a very positive note with the State of NH adding Ski Patrol to the list of First Responders eligible for the vaccine in the Phase 1a group. I’d like to thank those that participated in the effort to get the state to agree, bravo… An email was sent out to all the Patrol Directors with information on how to register their patrol rosters with the state.

That’s all for now –

Stay Safe and enjoy the skiing…


Carl Chaplin
NREMT, NSP & PSPA Certified
New Hampshire Region Director

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National Board Elections

Hi!  My name is Wendy, a patroller at Bromley Mountain, proud to run for my second term on the National Board. As a Board member, I've seen first-hand how teamwork benefits membership of the National Ski Patrol. If you have any questions, or want to talk, please call...

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Transition from OEC 5 to OEC 6

With the release of OEC 6 this past July, OEC 5 is no longer the "Standard of Training" for the National Ski Patrol, OEC 6 is. All new courses will be run under the OEC 6 guidelines. To keep current you should purchase your copy of OEC 6 and review the changes. (SMR,...

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Welcome to “Corona – Ski Season 2020 – 2021”

Well, we are moving into September and the ski season is fast approaching.

I wish I could tell you that it will be an amazing winter with epic skiing and riding. Mother Nature will do what she wants to do just like always. Unfortunately, for the rest of it, this season will more than likely be filled with numerous changes and unexpected events and no doubt a lot of uncertainty. The honest truth of this is, we are still unsure what will transpire. Ski areas will open or not, with crowd limits or not. Lodges may or may not be open, again with social distancing and limit issues. Restaurants may be open, with restrictions. Outdoor seating will only go so far into the season. The ski area experience as we have known it for decades will, to say the least, be different. Only time will tell, and most likely it will be an area by area struggle and decision on how things run.

So, what does that mean for Patrol?
Social distancing, PPE, hand washing, disinfecting equipment, being diligent and safe. We can do our jobs safely and professionally as long as we are careful and follow protocols.

We will try to keep you updated on what is happening and where, but even that is a moving target. The information changes daily.
Example, At the beginning of July areas supplied neck buffs for employees to wear to protect themselves and the customers. Now we hear that those same buffs may actually make the spread of Covid worse by diffusing the larger particles into smaller ones that can hang in the air longer and go farther. .

What has been going on over the summer….

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NH Region 2020 Elections – Candidates

Every year NH Region holds elections.  Last season it was for Southern and Central Section Chief.  This autumn the Region will be holding elections for Northern Section Chief and Region Director.  Nominations have closed and the candidates will be running unopposed....

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