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Dan Rodgers, Region ID Staff Supervisor

The National Ski Patrol has a rich tradition of excellence in developing instructors through its enrichment activities and hands-on skills training. Teaching adult learners is a specific discipline that has become the backbone of all NSP educational programs. The embodiment of this excellent tradition begins with the Instructor Development class.

“Instructor Trainees” learn positive ways to communicate, enhance lessons and engage future students. instructor Trainees learn how to prepare and deliver effective lessons. Once these foundational skills are mastered, the Trainees will move to a more formalized Mentoring Program. Each future Instructor is paired with a discipline-specific mentor that will guide them through the details of topic teaching. The Mentoring program will prepare the future Instructors for the final certification process.

The National Ski Patrol has a wide array of talented patrollers that bring compassion, knowledge, and energy gleaned from their patrolling experiences to their future “classrooms.” Bringing these strengths into the varied classrooms is crucial for the continued growth and development of the National Ski Patrol.

The New Hampshire Region Instructor Development staff recognizes that not all students learn and process in a like fashion. A variety of learning opportunities are available to guide your growth as an instructor. The goal is to tailor each learning experience to develop outstanding instructors that will support the vision and growth of the National Ski Patrol for decades to come.

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Instructor Development Courses

The ID course covers the various areas of instruction and how instructors can apply them to create a positive learning experience for their students and helps build a strong foundation of educational knowledge for use when planning and delivering lessons. The general information covered in Instructor Development is applicable to all potential NSP instructors, regardless of instructional specialty.
Traditional One-Day Classroom Instructor Development Course
A traditional one-day course in taught annually in August, just prior to OES Course season. It is an approximately 7-8 hour-day classroom format that teaches 11 fundamental elements of formal instruction. Students participate in communication activities, lesson planning and the methodologies of content delivery. This class requires approximately three hours of pre-class preparation reading the textbook and planning a lesson topic.

Upon completion of this One-Day Class, the Instructor-in-Training will be assigned a discipline-specific Mentor.

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On-Demand Independant Study Online ID Hybrid E-Course
Once the snow flies and the ski slopes open,  NH Region ID opens it’s self-paced, self-motivated online Hybrid E-Course.  This Hybrid E-Course is especially appropriate for those instructors seeking specific on-hill lesson delivery opportunities such as OET. Basic “lectures” are addressed online, in the comfort of your own home (approximately 3-4 hours). Once the “online classroom lectures” are concluded, the Students print their Certificate of Completion and are assigned to a specific ID Instructor for the second phase of online learning.

This Instructor will guide them through forum based lesson planning (approximately 2 hours of preparation). Students will engage in online discussion about pros/cons of effective lesson planning. Students will develop solid and applicable Six Pack lesson plans.

After completing the online forum lesson plan, the ID Staff member will arrange with you to meet at your home mountain for a brief lesson delivery presentation. The ID Staff member will demonstrate the delivery of a lesson for the student to watch, then the Student will demonstrate the delivery of their own 15 minutes lesson plan. (1-4 hours, depending on the number of students presenting together in a group).

Upon completion of the following three:

  1. Hybrid,
  2. Forum Lesson Planning,
  3. Lesson Delivery,

…the “Instructor-in-Training” will be assigned a discipline-specific Mentor.

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Classroom Based Instructor Development and Hybrid E-Course

Occasionally NH ID Staff will offer a shortened Classroom gathering for individuals who took the NSP Hybrid E-Course.  Watch the Region Calendar for such a course.  So it still utilizes National’s hybrid online E-course curriculum (3-4 hours) but requires no other lesson preparation prior to the NH Classroom event.

Students must print “certificate of completion” to attend this shortened Classroom session.  The classroom session is held to teach the Lesson Planning component of ID and provides each student with a chance to teach their lesson.

The Curriculum based lesson plan is taught, developed, and demonstrated in a classroom setting. A staff of instructors will guide Instructors-in-training through each step of the lesson development and skills delivery process. (4 hours approximately). OEC students will teach in the classroom while the OET students will have the opportunity to teach on the slopes, if applicable.

Upon completion of the Hybrid and Classroom Event, the Instructor-in-Training will be assigned a discipline-specific Mentor.  Watch the Calendar, this course is typically scheduled in February, which gives students plenty of time to complete the Hybridized video lectures.

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ID Continuing Ed is required for all NSP Instructors
All NSP Instructors are required to participate in one Continuing Education Instructor Development Course every three years. Important practical skills are refreshed or introduced as continuing education topics. This is done in compliance with our mission to offer quality educational programs embracing new methodologies of teaching and continuous improvement. NH Instructor Development staff work closely with Supervisors from all disciplines to ensure that integrated ID topics are incorporated into all instructional practices.  These courses typically originate with the NSP Region Supervisor managing their discipline.  If you can’t find a discipline-specific ID Continuing Education course, feel free to contact the NH Region ID Supervisor for help.

If you have any questions regarding your Instructor Appointment, please contact the NH Region ID Supervisor for help.

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