Women’s Ski & Toboggan Program

NSP offers a nationwide Women’s Ski and Toboggan designed to bring women Patrollers together with Women S&T trainers for one day or multiple day weekend clinics. This is a great opportunity for all women patrollers of all ability levels to join in and have plenty of individual and group instruction on patroller skills and toboggan handling techniques to improve overall performance and personal confidence.

“Women’s Programs” in general are designed to operate and be conducted with female ergonomics in mind. Even though toboggan transport operations are theoretically the same for men and women alike, there are subtle physiological differences that make training women varied in part.

A lower center of gravity and often times less upper body muscle mass sometimes dictates a different approach to guiding a loaded (and unloaded) toboggan down terrain smoothly and efficiently for the patients and ourselves as rescue providers. This is not to say that we should train only with women Instructors, rather that when we do have the chance to we could greatly benefit from the event.

Our women’s clinics are low-key to the extent that we move at the speed of the various groups that we have divided up. No individual is pushed too hard or too slow. We propose participants to try performing skills and techniques that we as qualified and experienced Instructors determine you are truly capable of but maybe have just not had the encouragement and or opportunity to attempt in other environments of your patrolling career.

The Women’s Program clinics are not in any way “Spoon Feeding with Sugar”. We still set forth challenges for all individuals; we still require you to be on time, pay attention, be ambitious, speak up when appropriate and TRY NEW THINGS. Like any other clinic, CO-ED or not it’s up to you what you get out of it. We do our very best to instruct, demonstrate and encourage you to achieve the most that you can through your participation.

The reward for us as Instructors teaching at a Women’s S&T event comes from seeing participants experience improvements and gain confidence. So many of NSP’s women are talented patrollers, working in these events offers a nurturing environment for finding your own personal breakthroughs.

NSP women, join for some very productive and fun training! Sign up for our annual NH Region Women’s S&T event (found at the bottom of this page), find one on the Eastern Division website that better fits your schedule, or email NH Region’s S&T women staff members for more details

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Sue Kelly, NH Region Women’s S&T Advisor

Women's S&T Staff Directory
NH RegionWomen's S&T Staff 
Women's S&T AdvisorSue Kelly, Ragged Mtn. Email
Sr OET T-ELisa Kling, Ragged Mtn. Email
Sr OET T-EDeb Brown, Ragged Mtn. Email
Sr OET T-EKaren Keane, Dartmouth Email

NH Women’s Program Events

NSP Women’s Program: “MOUNTAIN TRAVEL & RESCUE Clinic”

“Rope Low-angle Rescue and Safe Backcountry Travel Practices”

This NSP MTR-C Program is a one-day CLINIC reviewing the basics of Knots and Anchors commonly used in the backcountry as well as Emergency Rescue Techniques (low-angle rescue) to Women NSP members and non-members. The day will begin with indoor classroom work reviewing knots and anchors and setting up low angle rescue setups. We will then take these skills into the field in the afternoon while performing backcountry travel practices. This is a “part one” of two Women’s programs for the NH NSP Region for 2018. This course is offered to both Women NSP and Non-NSP members to enhance their knowledge of Rope work and Low Angle Rescue techniques along with safe travel practices in the backcountry. Since knots, anchors and low angle rescue are “perishable” skills; this course is considered an introduction to these skills with experienced instructors in a safe, fun and comfortable environment.

Equipment: Field exercise will require AT ski gear with skins or Tele gear with skins. Alternatively, you can use snowshoes for transportation. You will need a daypack for carrying personal gear for day travel in the backcountry and snacks and hydration. Your own “personal protection equipment” including winter clothing appropriate for cold January day (layers, no cotton), eye protection, gloves, hats, hiking poles will be useful. We will spend approximately 4-5 hours in the field environment so please make sure you are familiar with and bring the “Ten Essentials.”


If you are interested in this course and if you know anyone who may be interested in this event, please pass this information on! Any other questions, please ask! We look forward to hearing from you! See you at Ragged Mountain Ski Resort in January!  Click REGISTER and fill out the form.

Price: $0.00

Date: January 28, 2018

Ragged Mountain
620 Ragged Mountain Road
Danbury, NH
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Available Spaces: 7

Woman's S&T Clinic @ Waterville Valley

Specifically for women patrollers, instructed by women patrollers.  The focus of this clinic is to improve your toboggan handling skills.  We will work in varying terrain/conditions, and provide all participants ample opportunity to get in the handles.

Find out what the Women's program is all about by following this link to the Women's S&T page...


Price: $0.00

Date: February 18, 2018

Waterville Valley Resort
1 Ski Area Road
Waterville Valley, NH
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