FEMA “Incident Command System” (ICS) Course

All NSP MTR students must take two FEMA on-line ICS courses.  These are free and found on the FEMA Incident Command System “Independent Study Program” website.

The two free FEMA classes for ICS required by NSP as an MTR prerequisite are:

  1. FEMA Independent Study Program:  IS-100.b Introduction to Incident
    Command System, IS-100
  2. FEMA Independent Study Program:  IS-700.a National Incident
    Management System (NIMS), An Introduction

Login to the FEMA website and follow the instructions to take the course and the final exam.  We recommend printing the PDF final exam questions first, doing the class materials, then practicing the exam on paper so that you have time to check and re-check your answers.  Once you are satisfied that you understand the materials, you can easily enter your exam answers and see your results.  Each course takes the average rescuer about 2 hours of effort.

Please print and email the Diploma (record of completion) to the NH Region MTR Advisor and bring a copy (just in case) to the first day of your MTR course.  This is a mandatory prerequisite for the MTR course. Direct your questions to:

Email the Mountain Travel & Rescue Advisors with comments and questions.

The MTR course will build on these Incident Command System principles.  If you have completed this recently and can provide completion records please do so and review the material to refresh principles.

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Craig Garland, NH Region MTR Supervisor

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