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NH Region teaches the new “On-Line” Hybrid Instructor Development course. This approach allows individuals to use the online portion and the reading materials to create their own self-paced course supervised by an assigned ID Instructor. NH Region maintains a virtual classroom setup with all the necessary resources and live Instructors to help students succeed.

To complete the course during the winter ski season, a face-to-face meeting with an assigned ID Instructor is scheduled at the student’s ski area. Out of season, ID students who have completed the On-Line portion can choose from three available meeting dates and locations.

For those students who prefer a traditional long day in the classroom, NH Region teaches that ID Course in late August.  This course is favored by upcoming OEC Instructors because it meets just prior to the autumn OEC Mentoring season.  Check the Calendar or scroll below to find the all-classroom ID course.

Self-Paced Online Hybrid Instructor Development Course

Select this course by clicking the REGISTER link if you have read the details of taking the "Self-Paced Online Hybrid Instructor Development Course," and you are ready to begin your course assignments.

You will receive an email receipt detailing the course syllabus and its requirements.  An NH Region ID Staff  Instructor will be assigned to your course within a few days.  You will have the opportunity to begin immediately. However, the pace of the course is entirely up to you.  NH Region policy requires that you complete all your assignments before the end of the ski season.

This course is available from September to March 31st. The face-to-face session is ideally scheduled at the Instructor Trainee's local mountain.  If you have questions, feel free to contact the NH Region ID Supervisor. . .

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Available Spaces: Unlimited

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