You must know someone…

…who has left the ski patrol. Remember the good times & the great ski runs you had together. Well, it doesn’t have to be a thing of the past. Bring ‘em back. By joining the National Ski Patrol Alumni, a former patroller who was registered for at least one year can once again be a part of a very special group of ski enthusiasts.

Alumni members are kept informed of current events through publications from the National Ski Patrol, the Eastern Division and New Hampshire Region. Alums can enroll in NSP courses if they choose and in fact, they can gain and/or maintain their NSP instructor status and help their patrol by teaching should they decide to do so.

A member of the alumni can purchase items from the NSP catalog with the exception of “on duty” clothing & I D’s. Alumni members often become members of courtesy or host patrols.

But the best part is the Alumni Days. This is the forum for friends to get together, ski, renew old friendships and have a great time. There are no annual requirements, no refreshers but there is one catch: membership is not free, it costs about 52 cents per week (that’s $27.00 per year) to be a member of the greatest endeavor in winter sports since snow was invented.

Ski safe & think snow!

If you know someone who is interested please have them contact the NH Region Alumni Advisor for more information.

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Pat Jordan, NH Region Alumni Advisor

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