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ID Course for those interested in teaching OEC

OEC Course season officially begins every year in New Hampshire at the end of August.  To prepare future OEC Instructors, the Region ID Staff offers a traditional classroom-based course.  Check your calendar and visit the Region's Calendar to set aside Saturday,...

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Off-Season ID Course for 2018

The 2018 winter season is rapidly coming to a close.  There is still time to squeeze in an On-The -Snow ID course at your home mountain, but you need to hurry, sign-up and complete the NSP Hybrid soon so that the face-to-face meeting can be scheduled before the last...

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Out of Season On-Line ID Course Schedules

The 2016-2017 Ski Patrolling season is coming to an end.  During the season, NH Region ID Staff is committed to meeting their students at each student's ski area.  Our goal is to provide the required face-to-face teaching portion of the Hybrid course as quickly as...

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Hybrid ID Course now offered

The newly hybridized online NSP Instructor Development Course is finally available to students who prefer a self paced/self motivated avenue towards becoming a Instructor.  NH Region ID staff is encouraging that all future instructor's choose this method of learning. ...

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Instructor Activity Log

My copy of Ski Patrol magazine Winter 2016 edition (Volume 33-2) came in the mail today with an article by David Bramel titled "Instructor Tracking."  The last article that I wrote for NH Region members on this subject was back in 2014, seeing Mr. Bramel commenting on...

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