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The OEC Senior Program is Changing…

It takes a special patroller to step up to the challenge of the senior OEC program. They subject themselves to a whole lot of scrutiny as they train with fellow patrollers working their way through difficult scenarios designed to improve their decision making, problem solving and leadership skills. Being involved in this program is a learning opportunity for all of us. We learn from each other and grow as a team. For most of us, this isn’t a one and done, learning experience. It’s a process that is refined over the years.

Each year we kick off the senior program with an informational meeting in early November and begin scheduling events after the holidays through mid-March. This year’s season will start earlier than past seasons and commence with a final exam on February 10th. Great care has been taken to plan events around holidays and hopefully avoid the end of year burden on patrols with…

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OEC to EMT Transition Course 2018

In the summer of 2015, after numerous requests from OEC Techs and Patrol directors, we designed a course to take the OEC Tech to the EMT level. With the help and support of OEC Experts and Instructors we performed a Gap Analysis and created a program that fills in the...

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OEC Module of Senior Program 2018

The NSP Senior OEC program 2017-18 season has begun

Throughout the ski season, OEC Senior Program staff run several training clinics helping participants expand and improve their leadership and patroller skills as they work through complex situations and comprehensive patient care. Clinics are an ideal opportunity to learn from one another and have been planned at a variety of venues to improve accessibility and enhance training.

Our next clinic will be held at Mount Sunapee, January 7, 2018, starting at 9 am and concluding no later than 3 pm. Training will be on-hill so bring your outdoor gear, but please leave your patrol jackets at home as this is a training event and participants will not be “on duty.”

It is very important you register for each event so we can plan resources to serve you better. Registration for the clinics is easy! Go to the NH Region Ski Patrol website Calendar, review the full schedule of events, select the date of the senior OEC clinic you wish to attend, and click “REGISTER NOW” (candidates will receive an email notification with all my contact info, please call with questions).

Hope to ski you there. To contact me, Ed Sargent, Senior Training Coordinator

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2017 NH Region Refresher List

2017 Annual NSP refreshers are the responsibility of each local patrol. Attending outside you local patrol requires permission from the Patrol Director. Email PD’s using the links

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Senior OEC looking for HELP

Senior OEC is looking for HELP:  The program is preparing for the 2017 Senior OEC Emergency Medical Management EXAM on Sunday March 12th at Pat's Peak.  The test is a logistical orchestration of volunteers that gather once per year to setup three Senior level OEC...

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