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Paul Ciccone, Region Awards Advisor

Anyone can propose or nominate an NSP member (even non-NSP members) for an award.  New Hampshire Region issues and manages awards at the regional level and moves the winners of these awards up to the divisional level. The Region Awards Advisor has three primary functions:

  1. Manage the NH Region’s awards, such as service recognition and appreciation awards.
  2. Manage the NH Region’s “Outstanding” awards nominations and awarding process.
  3. Help advise the region’s members with nominations to National Merit and National Appointment awards.

Chapter 12 of the NSP’s policies and procedures go into detail explaining each of the awards, their qualifications, and the necessary process members need to follow to properly vet the nomination.

Please feel free to contact the NH Region Awards Advisor for guidance through the awarding process.

Awards Available for Submission

Below is a summary of the awards awarded by New Hampshire Region including National awards and appointments. The Region’s Awards Advisor is available for guidance through the process of writing and submitting the following awards:

  1. SERVICE RECOGNITION AWARDS: Given in increments of 5 years.
  2. STANDARD CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION: Used for both NSP and non-NSP personnel (area managers/owners) or situations that deserve Region recognition. For those situations that rise to the level of Division or National recognition, award nominations can be passed up to a higher level.
  3. ANNUAL CITATION AWARDS: Given to both a patrol for outstanding contribution and to individuals who have distinguished themselves above and beyond the call of duty:
    1. Outstanding Region Patrol
    2. Outstanding Alpine Patroller
    3. Outstanding Nordic Patroller
    4. Outstanding First-Year Patroller
    5. Outstanding Student Patroller
    6. Outstanding Paid Patroller
    7. Outstanding Auxiliary Patroller
    8. Outstanding Instructor

Winners of the Regions outstanding citation awards are moved up to Eastern Division to be entered in the running for outstanding citations at the division level.  Winners at the division level are moved forward to compete at the National level where winning becomes prestigious. Individuals who perform above and beyond the call of duty can be nominated through a national process of recognition known as the Merit Stars. Chapter 10 of the NSP’s policies and procedures describe how the nominations should be prepared.  The following is a brief description of the Merit Stars:

  • PURPLE STAR: Given to the leader of the effort that saves a life through emergency care. This would be given to the patroller who was in charge of the rescue.
  • BLUE STAR: Given to those who assist the individual who receives the Purple Star.
  • YELLOW STAR: Given to those who commit an outstanding act or service to the NSP.  It can also be given for lesser assistance on the team that merited Purple/Blue stars.
  • GREEN STAR: Given to a patroller who uses their NSP training while conducting an outstanding act of heroism (airplane crashes, car crashes, mountain rescue, etc.). Usually given for arduous and/or hazardous rescue work.
  • GOLD & SILVER STARS: These are only given once a year at the National level for things like Outstanding Alpine Patroller, or Outstanding Student Patroller. These are very prestigious awards and those nominated are in competition throughout the nation. Gold is for 1st place and silver is for the runner-up. These automatically accompany the National Outstanding awards.
  • PATROLLER’S CROSS: Given to a patroller hurt during the course of duty.
  • EASTERN DIVISION PATROLLER ACHIEVEMENT AWARD (EDPAA):  The EDPAA is intended to recognize long-tenured members who frequently go above and beyond at their patrol but who have not had the desire or opportunity to assume leadership roles at the Patrol or Region level.

NSP awards its most prestigious awards known as National Appointments and Leadership Commendations to the most dedicated patrollers who volunteer additional time to NSP beyond their local patrol obligations.  Refer to Chapter 10 of the NSP’s policies and procedures for nomination details and the process required to successfully vet the award. These awards include:

  • National Patroller Appointment
  • National Leadership Commendation
  • Meritorious Service Award
  • Distinguished Service Award
  • The Minnie Dole Award

The Minnie Dole Award is rarely given and only to members who have shown long-term dedication and commitment to the NSP system. NSP also makes available two National awards that can be given to non-NSP members. The Honorary National Appointment can go to non-NSP members who meet the same criteria as the member’s version.  Far more common for non-NSP members who contribute to the organization is the award of an Angel Pin.  Descriptions of the criteria for both awards can be found in Chapter 12 of the NSP’s policies and procedures.

Visit the Eastern Division Awards web page and the NSP.ORG pages for additional awards information and forms.

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