How To: Register by following a link from my Email Receipt

The most common way to register for an NSP.ORG course is to click the REGISTER link.  If you are registering for a paid course, the NSP.ORG link will be found at the bottom of your EMAIL RECEIPT after payment:

Step 1)  Click the Course Credit link which was sent by sent by email.

Step 2) The course number and some basic information should appear on the screen.  Sign in and follow the buttons.

Step 3) Click the REGISTER MYSELF button.

Step 4) Click the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to find this button.  Courses are free at the NSP.ORG website.  Any payments required for the course need to be paid at the Regional level.

Step 5) Confirm your Shopping Cart is free and click the SUBMIT ORDER button.  The button hides at the bottom of the page.  Scroll down to complete the transaction.

You are done, welcome to NSP’s new course registration system.  If you find this confusing, feel free to call or email the Instructor listed on your NH Region Course Registration EMAIL RECEIPT.  There is always a phone number available if you paid for a New Hampshire Region hosted course.

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