How To Register for NSP.ORG Course Credit

In August 2016 National Ski Patrol began slowly rolling out a central website COURSE CREDIT self-serve app.  The purpose of the website changes was to centralize the course credit management on NSP.ORG so that students became the stewards of their own educational record keeping.  The roll-out has been slow and continues to evolve as NSP adds more functionality.  In the future, they plan on taking over the course fee collections process, however that feature is further down the road.

NH based course are more easily found on the NH Region Ski Patrol website by browsing the CALENDAR or by department events.  If you select an event on the regional website, you will receive a REGISTRATION RECEIPT with an automated link that takes you directly to the NSP.ORG course credit purchase page.   Please make sure that you follow the steps described, login and register yourself a second time so that NSP.ORG can track the course.  The steps that appear on the EMAIL RECEIPT can be found here:

NSP.ORG Members Website