Outdoor Emergency Transportation Events

This list of OET Events includes Senior level clinics as well as non-Senior seminars. Clicking on the event title will take you to a detailed description and registration. Space may be limited, knowing who will attend helps hosting mountain management request lift tickets. Registration closes five days prior to the event.

Senior Program Kick-Off Meeting for both S&T and OEC

Attend a Senior Program Kick-Off meeting with Don Messier and Ed Sargent

The National Ski Patrol Senior Program is a national education opportunity that is offered at the region level broken down into two separate components.  If you are interested in becoming a Senior Candidate, please join us in an introductory meeting scheduled for Friday evening form 6:00 to 8:00 PM at the McIntyre Ski Area.

The Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) Senior component allows candidates opportunities to further develop and enhance skills in the areas of leadership, decision making, and problem management of complex emergency care situations that may be encountered in a ski patrol environment.

The Senior Ski and Toboggan program allows candidates opportunities to further develop and enhance advanced skills in the areas of toboggan handling and skiing, or snowboarding, on the most challenging terrain in the Region.

Successful completion of the Senior S&T component, which is now known as Outdoor Emergency Transportation (OET), requires attending Senior level clinics where Division certified Trainer’s help candidates develop their own self-paced training progression to understand and achieve the Senior skill level.

Attainment of the OEC component requires completion of three phases, training clinics, written exercises and a final on-hill evaluation.  The program is designed to both develop and challenge candidates’ skills in managing complex multiple injury and multiple patient situations that they can expect to encounter as ski patrollers.  Candidates will develop their skills not only as OEC technicians, but also as leaders, problem solvers and emergency scene managers.

Both of these programs are fun, challenging and educational, both will be offering a calendar of more than 10 training opportunities.  These events will be posted on the NH Region’s monthly calendar and will open for registration in December.  Requests for information can be directed to the Program Advisors:

Ed Sargent, Senior Outdoor Emergency Care Advisor
Don Messier, Senior Ski and Toboggan Advisor

If you would like to be on the Senior Program Email List and receive information from Ed Sargent and Don Messier, please fill out the form below:

Price: $0.00

Date: November 16, 2018

McIntyre Ski Area
50 Chalet Way
Manchester, NH
USA Map and Directions

Available Spaces: Unlimited

Toboggan Trainer's Workshop - Pat's Peak

Alpine Toboggan Instructors are required to re-certify their Instructor appointment once every three years to stay current with NSP.  The Toboggan Trainer's Workshop (TTW) course was developed to refresh their educational credentials, deliver the latest changes to new OET content and provide a teaching opportunity under the supervision of Instructor Trainers.

TTW participants must be full Alpine Toboggan Instructors in good standing.  Contact the Instructor Trainer of record 0rest 0har with questions.  NH Region schedules two TTW's per season, refer to the March calendar for a second opportunity.

Price: $0.00

Date: December 15, 2018

Pat's Peak Ski Area
686 Flanders Road
Henniker, NH
USA Map and Directions

Available Spaces: 8

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