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New Hampshire Region Ski Patrol is a member of Eastern Division of the National Ski Patrol.  This Web site was established to provide patrollers in NH with the most current information about Region organized events, educational programs, and a comprehensive, online information resource about ski patrolling activities.

New Hampshire Region is made up of  18 patrols with over 450 patrollers who are dedicated to serving the public and the outdoor industry by providing Emergency Care.

NSP Historical Information

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The National Ski Patrol (NSP) is the largest winter rescue organization in the world. It was founded in 1938 by Charles Minot Dole at the urging of  Roger Langley. It is composed of more than 26,000 members serving over 600 ski patrols including volunteer, paid, alpine, snowboard and Nordic patrollers throughout the United States and certain military areas in Europe.  The group holds a congressional charter under Title 36 of the United State Code.

The usefulness, stature and position of the National Ski Patrol has been attained through the devoted efforts of thousands of ski patrollers, some of whom have become involved in other phases of the sport. The NSP is continually growing and improving, offering many invaluable services to area management as well as to the public to include summertime activities such as mountain biking.

circa 1940

Today, the primary mission of the National Ski Patrol is educational. It is a professional organization much the same as the AMA is for doctors. Local, day to day activities by individual patrollers at individual ski areas are under the supervision of the local area management.  The National Ski Patrol’s education system includes Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC), Outdoor Emergency Transportation, Avalanche training, Mountain Travel and Rescue, Ski and Toboggan training and Skier Enhancement programs.   NSP has grown into an authority on outdoor emergency care. In most cases an Outdoor Emergency Care Technician (OEC) is equivalent to EMT-B status.

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