OEC Course season officially begins every year in New Hampshire at the end of August.  To prepare future OEC Instructors, the Region ID Staff offers a traditional classroom-based course.  Check your calendar and visit the Region’s Calendar to set aside Saturday, August 10, 2019.

The Instructor Development Course is designed to give future NSP Instructors a teaching foundation.  Strategies for student relations, monitoring student learning progress, and insights as to how adults learn, are explored.  Lesson Planning is the most important topic, with a hands-on practical teaching session guided by the Region ID Staff. The experiences are designed to help Instructor Candidates prepare for the autumn mentoring season.

Sign-up for this course, download the textbook and come out and take this course.  We will make it enjoyable, fun, and you will start your mentoring journey as an Instructor Trainee with the best ID Staff around!