What a great day all had at the Ragged Mountain Senior OET Clinic on Feb 03, 2019! Conditions were primo, students were enthusiastic, and instructors were keen to work with individuals with such positive attitudes. Our day started with Instructor of Record Deb Brown with an informative introduction on objectives for the day and specific highlights of interest in skills where extra practice would be productive and improved upon with guided skill drills and developed muscle memory input.

Starting with ski demonstrations and feedback on participants’ performance and improvement with each segment was rewarding to observe by all three instructors. Sincere feelings of accomplishment from each student stepping it up a notch and challenging themselves was evident throughout the skiing segment of the morning. We worked on groomed steeps, gentle bumps and tight short radius turns by placing ourselves as slalom markers. This drill was fun and forced us to initiate and finish turns appropriately. The candidates were awakened to see and feel improvements in their own performance.

Skills came next with snowplow, sideslip, transition and pivot slips. All did quite well and concentrated on upper/lower body separation and shoulders and head facing down the fall line. Some commented on how much more efficient the task was when these positioning tips were followed.

Getting into the handles of the toboggan in the next segment of the program was fun, fast-moving and enlightening for the three instructors when we observed the receptive and adaptive thinking and resulting performance of our four students. Empty sleds in the gentle bumps and encouragement from instructors enabled the students to let the sled follow with a light grip of handles; appropriate short swing turns and looking downhill with upper/lower body separation. Confidence glowed.

With four students we did need to rotate positions for loaded sled work. Handles, tail rope, rider and the fourth person following beside the tail roper mimicking the tail work. We performed in somewhat larger and steeper bumps and allowed longer runs for each student in each position. Marked relaxed and competent proficiency with each of the students was observed, and confidence levels were realized by all.

We had a full day with a lunch break and helpful feedback and descriptive tips for additional successful improvement in each segment of the program. Even though two students had to leave a little early (yet still were able to cover and perform in everything the Senior OET consists of) they were sufficiently tired and satisfied.

To wrap up the day we had time to take a fun free run down through one of Ragged’s woods trails and whoop it up with big smiles and finishing touches of confidence and accomplishment.

Deb Brown our Instructor of Record, John Riley and I as Assisting Instructors, appreciate our students taking the time to complete the clinic Improvement Questionnaire. This is an integral part of program development and delivery. Region leadership uses the input to help improve educational programs for all NSP disciplines, not just OET.