NH Region Young Adult OEC

Seminar Description – Students should be dressed appropriately to be out on the mountain for the day.  The OEC seminar will focus on teaching and improving first aid concepts that pertain to three main areas:

Trauma – Students will demonstrate how to care for a trauma patient on the slope through patient assessment and evaluation.  Effective communication and treatment will be evaluated as well as the student’s ability to package and simulate transport from the accident site.

Medical – Students will demonstrate how to effectively provide care for a medical patient through strong patient assessment and history taking while on the slope.  Effective communication skills and treatment will be evaluated as well as the student’s ability to simulate transport from the accident site.

Scene management – Students will be required to provide effective scene management of a multi-patient scenario.  They must control, advise, and direct other student patrollers in the treatment and transport of all patients.  Leadership and management skills will be evaluated at this station.

All scenarios will take place on the mountain.  Student will be paired into groups of two (2) or three (3) depending on how many participants there are.  They should prepare to work with students from other mountains and patrols.  Each student will assist on one (1) or two (2) stations and be leader on one (1) or two (2) stations.  Groups will be assigned the morning of the seminar.

Take the opportunities that present themselves at your own home mountain to practice the above skills.  This seminar will help to cultivate and perfect these skills.

Application, Release Waiver and Consent Form

All students will be required to complete a release waiver and consent to treat form which MUST be brought to the seminar that day and given to the young adult regional adviser.  Students who fail to provide this form may NOT participate in the event for that day until such time as it is completed and signed by a legal parent or guardian.

Release and Waiver form