For those who have been around for a while, you may remember that the NH Region, in conjunction with the State of Massachusetts and NSP’s National Office, worked on a Young Adult Program (YAP) start up manual.  Many hours of work and effort went into this manual and covered topics that range from approaching your local area and getting approval, working with parents, and the local media to promote the program.

It appears that the National Office has run into a bit of a holding pattern and there is no anticipated release date for the manual that we all put in so much work and effort.  Therefore, NH Region has decided to make the book available to anyone within our Region or even out outside of the region, on an as needed or requested basis.

That’s right.  We have no plans to charge for the book, and will send it along electronically to all those patrols or patrollers who are interested in starting up a “Young Adult Program” at your local area.  So if you or anyone you know would like information on how to start up a program please contact me and I will send you a copy:

Email the Young Adult Program Advisor with questions.