MTR Level 2 Course FAQ

Class Theme?  Extending knowledge from MTR1 with more field classes and Safety

Schedule?  Sent out email maybe modified slightly at class

Camera?  Yes, please bring your camera and please take lots of pictures.

Food and Water? You will be expected to feed and hydrate yourself starting Saturday morning until you leave Sunday at 5 PM.  Breakfast is available at lodge pay you own way.  Coffee and hot water/tea will be provided Saturday morning and Sunday in afternoon.

Clothing?  Come dress to go to the field! We will be in field most of the time even in inclement weather.  This is a chance to see if what you have will work for the field exercise.

Toilet?  You’ll have scheduled break times during classroom sessions

Field Latrine?  The field latrine will be designated at the Campsite by leadership; a nighttime pee bottle and Zip lock bags to carry out toilet paper.

Navigation Tools?  If possible a field compass with a sighting mirror and adjustable declination, “UTM Grid Reader” (aka protractor) calibrated to 1:24000 example $8.00 at REI ( or (, a clear plastic straight edge 8 – 12 inches, note pad, writing instruments, and calculator.

Personal Equipment?  See separate list provided and ask questions if you have them and bring what you have and test it for the field exercise.  Some items may not be needed for first session but will be required for field exercise. You must inform IOR if you don’t have items on list. As instructors we have accumulated lots of equipment over the years and maybe able to lend some items.

Team/group equipment?  If you have a 4 season/expedition tent that sleeps 2 or more please bring it.  You will be part of a tent team and if you don’t have a tent make sure that you contact the IOR so he can plan and rent tent if needed.

Lodging Friday Night:  Bunkhouse available $20 bunk indoor toilet and sink, shower available.

Night Time?  The classroom building will be locked at night, but the patrol room will be open for emergencies. RMSP Patrol headquarters is occupied by instructor at night for emergency near camp site.

Precautions?  No open fires, cooking stoves only, food should be kept in sealed containers to keep animals away, and please don’t leave the camping area without notifying IOR.

Misc?  If you have a doubt about something, bring it and leave it in the vehicle that’s just minutes rather than miles away.

The contents of this FAQ is not intended to answer every possible question so if you still have any questions please feel free to ask.  No question is beyond my interest to make this a safe hands-on experience for you and your classmates.  Please ask at anytime.

To Quote John Caron:  “Remember “…your secondary, can soon become someone’s primary”!  Or was that some other masked man?

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Credits: John Caron MTR Instructor format of FAQ