MTR Level 2 Course

Mountain Travel and Rescue Level 2

What:  Mountain Travel and Rescue (MTR) Level 2 course is an elective course for NSP patrollers that have an interest in expanding their knowledgeable in backcountry travel and rescue procedures.  This course is also open to the public with the same interests.

Prerequisites:  Mountain Travel & Rescue 1 and Avalanche Fundamentals & Rescue NSP courses or equivalent as determined by Eastern Division MTR supervisor. Complete Pre-course material assignments and have essential equipment required for field exercises.

Manuals:  An NSP MTR manual is not include in the course fee and must be purchased separately.  Contact Instructor of record (IOR) if you are not an NSP member.

Logistics Session 1: Class will begin promptly at 8:00am; we recommend that you plan on arriving at about 7:30-7:45am.  You will need to bring a notebook and a pencil to take notes.  Students should be prepared to work through the lunch period if needed. Student must bring all equipment/food and be prepared for overnight camping plus classes in the outdoor environment.  Pack and inventory all personal equipment using check list provided. The final packing will be conducted during class.  The class will go continuously until 3:30 pm on Sunday.  Some group equipment will be distributed during class.

Logistics Session 2: Trail head departure NLT 8:30 am for continuous field exercise until 2:30pm two days later (more details provided at Session 1).

Agenda:  The MTR2 course is made up of 17 lesson topics.  These lessons cover topics including Personal Survival, Travel, Back Country Considerations, and Search and Rescue skills.  These are all reinforced with an overnight camping exercise and three day field extended exercise with overnight camping for Navigation, Technical Emergency Rescue Techniques and Search and Rescue.

Completion:  When completed you will have the knowledge and skills to complete more difficult field operations as a member of a Search and Rescue organization and to assist in the coordination of extended SAR operations.

Registration: Click on the NH Region’s Events Calendar found on this website and look for the various MTR course offerings.

Questions are welcome, please use this contact link:

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