MTR Level 1 Course FAQ

The following is not intended to answer all possible questions that arise for those enrolled in the course, so if you still have questions please feel free to ask using the link below:

Class Theme? Safety and hands on.

Schedule? Draft document will be provided. Schedule is subject to change.

Camera? Yes, please bring your camera and please take lots of pictures.

Food and Water? You will be expected to feed and hydrate yourself during the entire course. My personal plan is to have two litters of water per day for cooking, drinking, and sanitation. I plan to use dehydrated food (example Mountain House brand) for Saturday supper and Sunday breakfast which requires only hot water. I’ll suggest “pocket food” and travel water for eating and drinking on the go all day in the field Saturday and Sunday.

Clothing? Saturday you are in class with outdoor field work to perform navigation exercises  and to setup your tent. Be prepared for all types of weather because we will spend time outside both days. Sunday you are in the field for approximately seven hours. For the field exercises you should wear your most comfortable hiking boots, gators, protective eye wear, gloves, and suitable clothing to go through thick underbrush in any kind of weather.

Toilet? You’ll have scheduled break times and general access to some portion of the base area facilities at all times.

Field Latrine? There is no field latrine; a nighttime pee bottle is helpful.

Navigation Tools? If possible a field compass with a sighting mirror and adjustable declination, “UTM Grid Reader” (aka protractor) with multiple UTM scales $8.00 at REI ( or (, a clear plastic straight edge 8 – 12 inches, note pad, writing instruments, and calculator. Please bring your GPS with spare batteries but don’t go out and buy one for this class. You will get to see and learn about many different GPS models.

Personal Equipment? First aid kit, tick spray, short (36”) piece of practice rope, walking sticks (ski poles), sleeping bag, ground pad, tent, stove, spare fuel, utensils, something to heat water in, bowl/plate, insulated drinking cup, camp lighting, walkabout lighting (LED head lamp), spare batteries, walkabout pack for loading food, water, clothing, tools, personal hygiene, and whatever you deem necessary to be comfortable for two days and one night. I use a sleeping bag liner, tent candle and walking sticks.

Night Time? The classroom building will be locked at night, but the patrol room will be open for emergencies and toilet.

Precautions? No open fires are allowed, we use cooking stoves only.  Food should be kept in sealed containers to keep animals away, no open latrines, and please don’t leave the camping area without notifying someone.

Misc? If you have a doubts about anything, please bring it.  It can be left in the vehicle which is just minutes rather than miles away. You can reference the NSP MTR Manual for all this information.

More Questions? No question is beyond my interest to make this a safe hands-on experience for you and your classmates. So please ask anytime, but better sooner than later.

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