NH Region Credits

The NH Region NSP website is designed, constructed and maintained collaboratively.  The entire region staff participates in writing articles about NH Region programs, events and news.  Feel free to comment directly to the Region Staff articles using the comment section on the bottom of most of the news article,  or go to the Region Directory in the Contact Us section to send an email to any of our directors or advisors.

Many of the Photographs appearing on the NH Region website are contributed by Photographers and Artists who happen to be Ski Patrollers and members of the NSP.  Learn more about our contributors by following the links below to see more of their art.

Dave Hill

Loon Mountain Ski Patrol, Lincoln, New Hampshire
Dave Hill is a Patroller and Photographer with the Loon Mountain Ski Patrol in Lincoln, NH.  A patroller since 1993 he is a Certified Member of both the National Ski Patrol and the Professional Ski Patrol Association (PSPA).  As a board member of PSPA and former Loon Patrol Director, Dave manages the websites for both organizations.  Many of his photos are on display at those two websites (click links above).  Additional photographs can also be viewed on the PSPA Facebook page.

Eric Snyder

Bear Creek Ski Patrol, Macungie, Pennsylvania
Eric Snyder is a Pro Patroller with the Bear Creek Mountain Ski Patrol in Macungie, Pennsylvania.  He comes from a family of Ski Patrollers and joined as a young high school student in 2005.  At his patrol, he is an active OEC Instructor and is an instructor and evaluator in the Pennsylvania state EMT system.   In addition to his love for skiing, Eric is active in many year-around outdoor activities such as hiking and kayaking.  He says that his camera is with him at all times and he shoots many pictures for his patrol (follow the patrol link) or check them out on the patrol’s Facebook page.

Jason Lombard

Wolf Creek Ski Resort, Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Jason Lombard is a Professional Patroller and Level 3 Avalanche Forecaster with the Wolf Creek Ski Patrol in Pagosa Springs Colorado.   Located in the southwest portion of the state, high in the San Juan mountains, Wolf Creek’s reputation as the highest snowfall in all of Colorado lends itself as the perfect backdrop for ski action photography.  Jason, an ice and rock climber, mountaineer, surfer and avid kiteboarder, is best known in the industry as an adventure sports photographer.   His photos appear in adventure magazines, product, and fashion catalogs, such as Patagonia outdoor clothing.  He shoots photos for a diverse clientele, and along the way has also developed a reputation for photographing rock concerts and music festivals.  Jason has found that perfect year-around blend of photography, skiing, patrolling — his favorite passions — while getting paid professionally.  Follow him on Facebook and view his personal photo gallery.

Ed Gygli

Pebble Creek Ski Resort, Inkom, Idaho
Ed Gygli is an Alpine Senior Patroller with the Pebble Creek Ski Patrol in Inkom, Idaho.  He joined patrolling in 2002 while a Drug Enforcement Officer for the Idaho State Police.  He is now retired and spends his time skiing, mountain biking, mountaineering, and anything else that keeps him outdoors.  Ed picked up photography during his time with the state police, documenting crime scenes.  Now retired, he travels with his camera shooting pictures of the stunning vistas and mountains in Idaho, many neighboring states, and where ever he travels.  Stay tuned here as we are trying to convince him to put up a gallery of his photographs to share with the world.

Rick Bumgardner

Heidelberg International Ski Club, Heidelberg Germany
Rick Bumgardner is a Patroller with the Heidelberg Ski Patrol in the European Division. Heidelberg International Ski Club maintains its own ski patrol that travels with its members.  As an avid photographer, he documents Ski Patrol events and his travels among stunningly beautiful mountainous terrain all over Europe.  Rick submits some of his best skiing photos to NSP where a few have been chosen for the new NSP recruitment video.  Rick also keeps a collection of photos on his Flickr! photo sharing site under the pseudonym “Ski Bum.”

Gerry Clark

Crotched Mountain Ski Patrol, Bennington, New Hampshire

Gerry Clark is a Senior Patroller with the Crotched Mountain Ski Patrol in Bennington, New Hampshire.  She officially joined in 1986, although her support as an NSP Angel dates back another ten years.  Gerry became the Region’s webmaster back in 1993 when few people had heard of the Internet.  During her years as a Patroller, she has feverishly worked for both her local patrol and organizing programs for the NH Region.  She began as an OEC instructor, became an IOR, and then an IT, ultimately becoming the region’s Senior OEC Program Advisor.  Throughout this entire time, Gerry avidly shot photographs at every NSP event she attended, documenting thousands of pictures on film and now digitally.  Sadly NH Region lost Gerry Clark to cancer in 2019.  Her photos and her exuberant volunteering will be missed by all, at NH Region NSP.