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Avalanche Professionals Workshop

The annual Eastern Snow and Avalanche Workshop in Fryeburg Maine, has been scheduled and posted. Follow the link to ESAW.ORG, buy your tickets and join New Hampshire’s avalanche professionals for a one-day snow sciences seminar.

The “White Mountain Avalanche Education Foundation” organizes the event every year. A portion of ESAW ticket sales goes to bringing snow science into to local middle school classrooms as well as supporting awareness classes designed to give middle school and high school teens time in the field and a foundation to start their avalanche education.

This season’s line-up of seminar speakers has been set. Ragged Mountain’s own Ski Patroller Sam Colbeck starts the seminar early in the morning. Mr. Colbeck is an Emeritus Researcher at the US Army’s Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL). He will present a session on “Snow Metamorphism and Structure.”

Frank Carus, Avalanche Specialist and Director of the Mount Washington Avalanche Center will present a session on “The evolution of avalanche forecasting on Mount Washington.” Flying in from Colorado is Brian Lazar, the Deputy Director of the Colorado Avalanche Information Center. He will present two sessions

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Mt. Washington Avalanche Course

New Hampshire Region and Eastern Division NSP has opened registration for students looking for Level 1 Avalanche Rescuer certification.  Every year the two organization team up to take 18 students up to Tuckerman and Huntington Ravines for the three day intensive...

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MTR-Avalanche-Nordic Instructors on the move!

It was a darker than normal night as I headed out at 4am, what happened to the stars?  As I climbed into the boat for my water commute to the car, I realized what was going on.  The clear skies had led to radiational cooling of the earth and a ground fog had developed...

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