Young Adult Patroller

NH Students Gear up for Another Season

Welcome back, NH Students, for another fun filled and exciting season of ski patrolling with the New Hampshire Region.  It seems as though it was a short summer, and suddenly here we are preparing for refreshers.  Soon the snow will be flying, and the slopes will be open for skiing, boarding, and we will be running calls with our local patrols.

For our newest students, the fall brings with it a full three months of studying and testing as we guide this year’s members through the Young Adult Program.  Just because the snow hasn’t yet comes, we are busy preparing to take on the responsibilities of patrolling and adding to our ranks.

Welcome back to those returning, I sincerely hope that you all have a fantastic ski season as we embark on a winter full of training, learning, and having fun.  Please begin planning on joining us for both the NH Region and Eastern Division YAP Seminars later in February and March.  Best of Luck.

PS:  Feel free to contact us for anything using the links below.

Email the Young Adult Program Advisor with questions.

Young Adults Program Start Up Manual is a book that we have been working on to help Patrol Directors create their own program that brings high school students into ski patrolling.  The book is now available, follow this link to read more –>

During the season, YAP members often hang out on our Yahoo Groups forum.  Here we answer questions and collaborate on events we plan.