Mountain Travel & Rescue

MTR2 Field Exercise 2009, top of Mt. Moosilauke, NH

Mountain Travel and Rescue is a series of courses taught by NSP as electives to both our members as well as to the general public.

Improve your knowledge of extended outdoor work in a winter environment for the purpose of just enjoying the winter more, or becoming a Search and Rescue volunteer? Consider advancing your skills by taking a Mountain Travel & Rescue course!  NSP Mountain Travel & Rescue programs are for skiers, riders and other outdoor enthusiasts who want to learn more about safely enjoying the winter outdoors.  Training is a combination of classroom and outdoor practical exercises designed to help you achieve your goal of becoming more comfortable and safe in winter outdoor activities.

Checkout the detailed descriptions for both courses and keep an eye on both the region’s Calendar and the Eastern Division’s Calendar for course offering dates.

MTR Level 1 Course

MTR Level 1 Course FAQ

MTR Level 2 Course

MTR Level 2 Course FAQ

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