Instructor Development

The NSP Instructor Development Program

The National Ski Patrol (NSP) doesn’t grow patrollers, it builds them. Each patroller learns his or her skills from a certified NSP instructor. These hardworking instructors are the backbone of all NSP education programs; without them, there would be no patrollers. The skills learned in the NSP Instructor Development Program (ID) focus on principles of adult education that are applicable to any field. The ID course—a series of presentations, activities and discussion opportunities—is available through a one-day class or via a CD-based e-course. Once completed, instructor candidates move on to the Mentoring Program, an individually planned program administered under guidance of a discipline-specific advisor, which preps them for certification as an NSP instructor. The NSP is always seeking talented instructors to deliver its OEC, OET, MTR, Avalanche and ID programs. To learn more about instructor development opportunities, contact your division ID supervisor or region coordinator.

Instructor Development Course

The ID course covers the various areas of instruction and how instructors can apply them to create a positive learning experience for their students, and helps build a strong foundation of educational knowledge for use when planning and delivering lessons. The general information covered in Instructor Development is applicable to all potential NSP instructors, regardless of instructional specialty. This course also may now be offered via CD format, so check with your local Instructor Development program personnel if you are interested in pursuing this option.

Prerequisite: None
Time Commitment: One day
Fees: National—none;  Division—varies;   Local-Varies
Credentials: NSP Certificate of Achievement
Continuing education/refresher requirement: None
Instructor of Record: NSP Instructor Development Instructor
Required Text: Instructor Development:Training the Adult Learner(#502)
**Additional text required for CD-based Course:
Instructor Development CD(#535)

Instructor Mentoring Program

The mentoring program focuses on the practical application of teaching and assessment skills for a specific discipline. Potential instructors are teamed with experienced instructors for individual training and guidance.

Prerequisite: Instructor Development Course
Time Commitment: Varies
Fees: National—none;   Division—none;   Local—none
Credentials: NSP Instructor Verification
Continuing education/refresher requirement: None
Instructor of Record: Discipline-specific instructor trainer
Required Text: Instructor Development:Training the Adult Learner(#502)
OEC Instructor’s Manual(#546)
OEC Instructor’s ToolKit-CD(#548)
Outdoor First Care Instructor’s Guide(#518)
Avalanche Instructor’s Manual(#519)
Instructor Development Instructor’s Manual(#526)
MTR Instructor’s Manual(Electronic Resource Only)

Email the Instructor Development Supervisor with comments and questions.