Finding the NSP Online Hybrid Instructor Development Course


Step One

At this time, the NSP On-Line Learning Management System (On-Line LMS) does not have its own menu link.  Therefore the ID Course needs to be found by clicking the square icon titled “Online Learning.”  Its the same place patrollers went to take the OEC Hybrid Refresher.




Step One:  Login to the NSP.ORG website, click on the MEMBER RESOURCES menu or the For Members button and click the square icon titled “Online Learning.”

Step Three



Step Two:  A warning page appears to explain that you will be leaving NSP.ORG to go to On-Line Learning Management System.  Click anywhere to proceed.




Step Three:  Click on the COURSES menu to show the list of choices.



Step Four

Step Four:  Click on INSTRUCTOR DEVELOPMENT and you will be dropped directly into the chapter management list.




The Chapters view will open up.  Each chapter must be selected in order and launched.  The course will deliver videos which track along with the Instructor Development text book.  Quizzes and test appear along the way.  NH Region recommends that you work through a few chapters every day to pace yourself through the process.

LAUNCH each chapter in order

Remember that questions can be directed to you assigned ID Instructor or the Region ID Supervisor.  Check you NH Region emailed registration receipt for all the contact emails and phone numbers.