ID Hybrid Online Course (self-paced learning)

National Ski Patrol has debuted its updated “On-line Learning Management System,” a web-based education portal, making it easier for NH Region members to take advantage of the hybridized online version of the Instructor Development course.  Students may use this as a self-paced, fast-track for entering an Instructor Mentoring program in any of the NSP educational disciplines.

NSP’s Online Learning Management System

Instructor Development  (ID) covers various core concepts used for effective adult education.  The goal is to understand how instructors can apply these to create a positive learning experience for their adult learners.  ID helps build a strong foundation of educational knowledge for teachers to use when planning and delivering lessons. The general information covered in Instructor Development is applicable to all potential NSP instructors, regardless of instructional discipline or specialty.

ID has been added to the new NSP Online Education course offerings,  NH Region’s ID staff will set up this course for any individual who might prefer a self-paced learning experience.  Contact the ID Advisor using the link below to arrange your individualized course or start immediately by clicking this REGISTER link. No classroom lectures, no more waiting for a scheduled course.  During the ski season, we can set up a course quickly and schedule it all around your convenience. 

How On-Line Hybrid ID works:  You use your NSP.ORG logon to get into the On-line Learning Management System (Online LMS) portal to begin the hybridized chapters anytime you are ready (identical to taking the annual hybrid OEC Refresher).  In the meantime, NH Region ID staff opens an online course and sends you a link to the NSP.ORG with a course number to credit your work at NSP.

The NH ID Staff pairs you with your own individual Instructor who assigns reading materials and begins a virtual “online classroom” discussion to plan your student teaching assignment.  During the ski season, you can take as much time as you wish to complete all the assignments, during the off-season, you can pick from three available meeting dates:

During the winter season, NH Region ID Staff typically schedules the final meeting at the student’s local ski area, off-season locations are posted on the CALENDAR.

On the FINAL DAY, when you meet with your Region ID staff member, they will review the course requirements, demonstrate a lesson presentation, and discuss the importance of immediate positive feedback.  You get to teach your prepared lesson plan and receive feedback from the assigned staff Instructor.

Once completed your course is finished and you are ready to move onto the NSP instructional discipline of your choice for mentoring: Avalanche, MTR, Nordic, OEC or Ski & Toboggan.  Each NSP discipline has a structured Instructor Mentoring program.

Visit the “Finding the NSP Online Hybrid Instructor Development Course,”  for a step-by-step method for starting the course and REGISTER HERE to get started.

Email the Instructor Development Supervisor with comments and questions.