Every year the New Hampshire Region holds elections. This year Carl Chaplin was re-elected Region Director, and Yarrow Farnsworth was re-elected Northern Section Chief in the Region Election, which was recently held. Voting via email was open from November 30th through December 18th this year.

There was a total of 71 ballots cast in the election for Region Director Carl Chaplin, a member of the Sunapee Ski Patrol, received 68 votes, and there were three abstentions. In the election for Northern Section Chief, there were 13 ballots cast, and Yarrow Farnsworth from the Ragged Mountain Ski Patrol received twelve votes, and one abstained.

Every year the NH Region bylaws call for an election for member representation.  The election cycle begins again at the tail end of the season and will include the positions of Central Section Chief and Southern Section Chief. If you are interested in running for either position, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Election Committee via this website contact link