Holiday greetings from Southern New Hampshire! The weather is finally looking a bit more like winter but the Mount Washington Avalanche Center (MWAC) is still posting a general bulletin.  The forecast 3-6″ snow will increase avalanche danger through Monday morning. Please remember that avalanches are possible even in these early season conditions.  Click the link below for the latest MWAC forecast:

MWAC Forecast

The video below is another presentation from the 2021 ESAW, brought to us by the White Mountain Avalanche Education Foundation. Frank Carus – Director of the MWAC – presented  a case study on the Feb 2020 avalanche fatality in Ammonoosuc Ravine on the west side of Mount Washington. He begins with a review of avalanche survival statistics and covers the minimum (beacon/probe/shovel) and recommended (airbag/Avalung/Recco reflector) personal safety equipment. In this single skier incident, the Recco and beacon enabled the recovery effort and provided some closure to the victim’s family & friends.

I think everyone can take away something from Frank’s somber analysis of this incident and recovery mission – low does not mean no avalanche danger; terrain traps command our respect; and partners offer our best chance of rescue.

Since that was a bit grim for the holiday season, I want to leave you with one of my favorite videos from a few years back, including some fun avalanche dog training!

Happy New Year!
Think snow & stay safe out there!