It’s Refresher season !!

Ok, so its warmer than it should be for the end of October, and most of us haven’t had our first frost yet, but its still going to be a great season…

At the end of last season I commented on how that was the strangest season to date with all the COVID issues and protocols, reservation systems, chairlifts and lodge occupancy restrictions, etc. While we are not out of the covid woods yet, this season is starting off slightly better. We are pretty much done with the chairlift and lodge restrictions. Most of the resorts have gotten away from the reservation systems, and in most places we don’t need to boot up in the car. We still will have to wear masks in many indoor locations, but as far as I can see not outside and in lift lines.

Remember that there are several emails around for the NBOD voting, the CISM surveys, and our own local Region Elections. Stay tuned for more on that –

Time will tell, but for now, lets keep our fingers crossed that mother nature will come through and at the very least send the snow our way.

Stay Safe and Think Snow !!


Carl Chaplin
NREMT, NSP & PSPA Certified
New Hampshire Region Director