Hi All.

Hopefully this finds you all safe and healthy.

We’ve come to the end of what will go down in the books as one of the strangest seasons on record.

Weather wise, we had a tremendous snowfall early in the season, followed by a rain event that negated most of that snowfall. Followed by a dry stretch that lasted into February. We had some snow in February but then basically nothing in March except regularly above average temps by 15 to 20 degrees. Several ski areas had the lowest seasonal snowfall totals they could remember, and when the snow finally returned (in April) most mountains were already closed…

And then there was COVID. What can be said that hasn’t already. Masks, social distancing, reservations, food service closures, guests booting up in their cars, staggered starts, limited numbers in Patrol shacks, not bringing injured guests into the aid room, fit testing for N95’s, the list goes on… And not the least was trying to find an effective way to keep your glasses / goggles from fogging up while wearing the masks. ;-).

Hopefully by the time we all start getting our winter gear back out of its summer storage all of this corona stuff will be behind us and we can return to the sport we all look forward to the entire off season. Here’s hoping the 2021-2022 season will be back to “normal”. Replacing the fist-bumps and air hugs with handshakes and real hugs.

Stay Safe, Enjoy the off-season


Carl Chaplin
NREMT, NSP & PSPA Certified
New Hampshire Region Director