Every year NH Region holds elections.  Last season it was for Southern and Central Section Chief.  This autumn the Region will be holding elections for Northern Section Chief and Region Director.  Nominations will close soon, currently the candidates are running unopposed.

For Region Director Carl Chaplin will be running for his third term. For Northern Section Chief Yarrow Farnsworth from Ragged Mountain is running for her second term.

Below are platform statements received from the candidates along with their Ski Patrol Resumes (available for download).  Please take a moment to become familiar with their platforms.  Your vote is important! Please take the time to cast a vote at your Refreshers this autumn.

If you are interested in running for either position please contact the Election Committee via the website Contact page ASAP as the deadline is April 1st.


Northern Section Chief Candidate Statement from Yarrow Farnsworth

Please take the time to consider me for the National Ski Patrol, New Hampshire Northern Section Chief.

What sets me apart is a good place to start this introduction. My approachable nature, and ability to listen, relate, and formulate possible solutions or strategies to improve a situation tend to give me an advantage while working with people across the board no matter the topic or profession. Coupling my communications skills with a lifetime of prioritizing and organizing nonprofit groups and businesses, prove to be traits that would be desirable for bridging and working with Patrol Directors, fellow Section Chiefs, and Patrollers to accomplish the desired common goals of the programs we care to invest and donate our time to.

My motives for seeking this position one might ask, as my history in the National Ski Patrol is not entirely that long would be because I believe in this organization and what it has to offer and what it gives back to its members and the general public. For example, the Young Adult Program offering life and leadership skills so that they have a solid foundation moving into the next phase of their journey, as well as being the face and future of the program itself. Scholarships, educational opportunities, the love of adventure, appreciation for the outdoor lifestyle, and family are only a few of the other components that propel me to be a figure in the National Ski Patrol.

I’ve included a link to my recent article published in the National Ski Patrol magazine, as it gives a little inside view of what lead me to be a part of the NSP, hopefully, the story gives you a picture of my personality and the backbone to why I reach out to my fellow patrollers today for your support in this decision to take the next step in the organization that has empowered me on so many levels to be better at what I love.

Please enjoy the read…

Thank you, and stay safe!
Download Ski Patrolling Resume


Incumbent Region Director Candidate Statement from Carl Chaplin

To the members of the NH Ski Patrol Family, I am running for my third term as NH Region Director and would appreciate your vote and continued support.

Why should you vote for me as RD?

Over the last 20 years, I have had the opportunity to work with a large percentage of the patrols in NH and around the North East. As an Assistant Patrol Director, Region OEC Administrator, Eastern Division BOD Member, and a President and Board member for the Professional Ski Patrol Association (PSPA), I have had the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of NSP policies, processes, and politics. I have worked on behalf of the Geographic and Pro Division, both locally and Nationally.

I have organized numerous OEC courses, helped work through the rollouts of new processes, and fielded your comments, providing helpful information where possible. When information needed clarification I have been able to gain that clarification from both the Division and National levels.

There are many varied topics that get discussed at all levels of NSP. With the pandemic somewhat past us (although threatening a resurgence) what will patrolling look like next season? OEC 6th Edition (which I have had the opportunity to audit) has been out for a few years, LMS is rolling out this refresher season, and our membership’s average age is on the rise to name a few. Through open communication on these topics and many others, I am actively involved and am more than willing to represent the interests of you, our New Hampshire members in the decision-making process at the Region, Division, and National levels.

My wife is an Alumni and I patrol at Sunapee, my youngest daughter, and her husband both patrol at Loon, my oldest daughter is an Alumni raising our future generation of patrollers. (Hopefully, she will return to patrolling soon). I can honestly say skiing and patrolling have kept my family close and it’s been wonderful.

I am committed to keeping your best interests at the forefront of everything I do as Region Director and ensure that New Hampshire remains a great place to patrol.

Thank you for your consideration, your vote, and your ongoing support.

Carl Chaplin
NH Region Director
NREMT, NSP & PSPA Certified
Download Ski Patrolling Resume