Well, it looks like things are settling in for the long haul.

The ski season ended rather abruptly and the summer season seems to be a long way off. Mountains are struggling to decide if / when they will be able to open their respective activities. We are all facing some sort of isolation issues. Whether it is because we are unemployed waiting for things to re-open, still are working and really don’t want to be exposed to the day to day, waiting for the daycare systems to re-open so we can get back to the day to day, etc.  Whatever your circumstances, normal isn’t really normal anymore.

As a Region, the NH Patrol Directors group has met to discuss the current state and is actively looking at the upcoming season to determine what (if anything) will change in regards to PPE for its patrols. National has extended the timelines for any remaining OEC 5 courses still out there waiting for final exams to September 1st, after which time OEC 6 will be the rule. The Spring Officers meeting is coming up this weekend (April 24th, 25th) via Zoom and I’m sure the coronavirus will be discussed “a lot”.

As a gentle reminder, please close any outstanding courses you may have had so we can officially button up the season.

Here’s hoping things get back to some sort of “normal” sooner rather than later.
In the meantime stay safe, stay connected as best you can and enjoy the outdoors wherever and whenever possible.

Carl Chaplin
NH Region Director