From left to right, Bob Brown, former Region Director, Dick Sayer, his successor, and Charl Chaplin, current NH RD

On January 16, 2020, NSP Region Director Carl Chaplin arranged a surprise event to honor Bob Brown with an NSP 60 Year Service Award.

Bob was lured to the restaurant venue under false pretenses of an important NSP meeting he was required to attend. He was there as punctual as always. He was truly surprised! Believe me, it was no easy task to pull any wool over Bob’s eyes to get him to the event but all was well in the end.

An assemblage of past and present NH Region staff members scattered through Bob’s long-tenured service in the NSP were in attendance along with a few other friends. Several individuals talked personally with Bob with fond memories of having worked with Bob in various capacities in the NSP.

The group enjoyed the evening of good food, good conversation and some reminiscent tales of days gone by. Carl Chaplin as NH Region Director presented Bob with an NSP 60 Year Service Award with matching lapel pin. Bob was very appreciative and pleased to see the friends and NSP Officers who were preset to applaud him and share in hearing a chronological account of Bob’s journey through his patrol career.

Bob started as a Junior patrol member (that’s what we called them back in 1960) at Mt. Whittier. Activities such as boot packing parts of slopes and receiving a lift ticket ($3.00 value) for your efforts and saving a little cash for Après’ refreshments were not a bad hook, line, and sinker to lure you in back in those days.

Bob continued on with active patrol membership for all those 60 years through several New Hampshire ski areas such as King Ridge, Dartmouth Ski way and Ragged Mountain. He also served in various NH Region Staff positions over many years. He performed the duties of a Region Section Chief, Assistant Region Director, and Region Director. Bob also volunteered time on several board positions with valuable input and guidance. In 1992 Bob was awarded National Appointment #7578. From the very beginning and all through Bob’s 60 years of service he carried himself with professionalism and dedication as a National Ski Patrol member whom we have all come to know and respect.

I am glad this evening for Bob was made possible to honor him. I hope all of you enjoy the few photos included in this brief article. Let’s all say congratulations to this 60-year NSP member that has served so long and contributed so much.