The NSP National Board of Directors is made up of 13 members representing the 30,000 traditional membership.  Elections are held annually during the Fall refresher season every year.  With the beginning of “One Patroller, One Vote,” the members of NSP have the privilege, or duty to elect their Representatives.

This autumn’s election ended on December 2nd and the results are in.  Two New Hampshire candidates have won:

  1. Paul Kelly, NH Region Director Emeritus and Ragged Mountain NH Ski patroller
  2. Marc Abend, Pro Division Eastern OEC Administrator, and Loom Mountain Ski Patroller
  3. Liz Dodge, Pacific Northwest Division Director Emeritus
  4. Jay Zadak, incumbent National Board Representative, Central Division

The National Board Representatives are responsible for the stewardship of our 80-year-old non-profit educational organization.  They work year-round setting the direction for the organization.  NSP’s governance, finances, and educational missions in disciplines such as OEC, OET, Avalanche, Risk-Management, Nordic-Backcountry, Mountain Travel &n Rescue (MTR).

Congratulations to Paul Kelly and Marc Abend for their win.  Both worked hard on the campaign trail.  I crossed paths with both as I traveled around the many refreshers I attended.  Paul spoke about contributing to our organization’s governance and financial stability; and Marc focused on promoting our NSP brand with stake-holders such as resorts and ski areas, as well as the general skiing community.  I wish them luck in their upcoming Board of Director’s duties, it should be an interesting time for the board as we move forward as an organization.


Congratulations again!