It’s Refresher season again which means that the ski season is just around the corner.

This has been a somewhat difficult fall season for a lot of us with the passing of several close friends and prominent figures in the Region and Division. Our hearts and best wishes go out to all those family members and colleagues effected by those losses. Knowing those that have passed, they would want us to dedicate a powder run to them and do what we do best. Enjoy the winter.

All of the programs are gearing up, the event calendars are filling up, and our dedicated OEC Instructors are preparing for the Refreshers that are all scheduled in the next month or so. Mountains are getting their winter season planning in order and we will all soon be watching the forecast hoping for a early boost from Mother Nature to get us started. I’d like to take a minute to send out a special thanks to all of you that contribute to the fall process. It takes a lot of preparation to get things moving and for some its a year round effort. OEC classes start early and take a lot of time and effort. Program planning sessions usually start in June or July and continue throughout the season. At best you may get a month or so where the emails are less than normal. So Thanks !!

There have been a lot of changes during the summer with acquisitions, changes in policies etc. which will all need to be sorted out. But regardless of what happens the mountains will open, the snow (man-made or natural) will come, and we will all get to enjoy the sport that keeps us going in the cold weather.

See you all on the hill
Ski Safe

Carl Chaplin
NREMT, NSP & PSPA Certified
NH Region Director