10 Under 30, by SAM Magazine

SAM, which stands for Ski Area Management, a snowsports industry magazine and industry organization features ten young ski industry resort employees that are making a difference at the area.  The article is known as “10 Under 30” runs annually in SAM’s publication.  This year New Hampshire Patroller Elizabeth Bois was selected and featured as one of the 2019 ten young managers making a difference.

Click the link to read “10 Under 30” and find Elizabeth’s picture to read the Interview SAM writer Katie Brinton published in the July issue.

Elizabeth Bois is the Assistant Patrol Director at Pat’s Peak and holds a New Hampshire Region Instructor-Trainer position on the Region’s OEC Staff.  She has been a joy to work with when we have Region educational events at Pat’s.  The article is a good read, click any one of the links and find out about New Hampshire’s Patroller, 10 Under 30, Elizabeth Bois.