With the end of refresher-season comes the end of the New Hampshire Region Director and Northern Section Chief Elections. Before I announce the next Region Director, I want to congratulate both candidates, Carl Chaplin (Mount Sunapee) and Chris Rousseau (Pat’s Peak) for their dedication to the Region and their willingness to step forward and run for this important position. Additionally, I would like to thank the 65 percent of you that made the effort to cast your vote, including both Alumni and active patrollers. Lastly, I want to thank the Region Staff members that attended refreshers all over New Hampshire this fall to facilitate an orderly voting process.

In a very tightly contested election, I would like to announce that Carl Chaplin prevailed and will be your Region Director beginning in April 2019. Carl, an NSP/PSPA Certified Patroller, currently patrolling at Mount Sunapee, has served the Region as Assistant Region Director and Regional OEC Advisor for the last five seasons. He is an OEC, OET and Instructor Development Instructor, and has intimate knowledge of Region, Division and NSP operations. Please join me in congratulating and supporting Carl on this accomplishment.

Additionally, I would like to congratulate Orest Ohar (Ragged Mountain Resort) on his re-election to a second term as the Northern Section Chief.

Lastly, if you have not yet cast your vote in the National Board of Director election, I would ask you to please take the one minute necessary to cast your vote. Please see the election links on the NHNSP.org homepage.

Paul Kelly
NH Region Director