It takes a special patroller to step up to the challenge of the senior OEC program. They subject themselves to a whole lot of scrutiny as they train with fellow patrollers working their way through difficult scenarios designed to improve their decision making, problem solving and leadership skills. Being involved in this program is a learning opportunity for all of us. We learn from each other and grow as a team. For most of us, this isn’t a one and done, learning experience. It’s a process that is refined over the years.

Each year we kick off the senior program with an informational meeting in early November and begin scheduling events after the holidays through mid-March. This year’s season will start earlier than past seasons and commence with a final exam on February 10th.

Senior OEC schedule for the 2018-19 season

  • December 2nd —  Sr. OEC Intro to the Program & OEC Skills checklist
  • December 5th  —  Sr. OEC class room Pre-Course in Litchfield NH
  • December 8th  —  Sr. OEC Clinic Site – TBD
  • December 16th  —   Sr. OEC Clinic Site – TBD
  • December 30th  —   Sr. OEC Clinic Site – TBD
  • January 6th —  Sr. OEC clinic Site – TBD
  • January 11th —   Sr. OEC clinic Site – PatsPeak night clinic
  • January 27th —   Sr. OEC Pre-Test Site – TBD
  • February 10th —   Sr. OEC Final Exam Site- TBD

The combined Senior OEC & OET “kick-off” meeting will be held November 16th, right after mountain refreshers and before the seasonal holidays. That will remain unchanged and is scheduled to be held at McIntyre Ski Area.

Traditionally we hold 6 to 7 clinics “on the hill” during the season starting early January typically every other Sunday with pretest and the final in March. We will be starting these clinics earlier this year, on December 2nd (site to be determined) several OEC instructors will be on hand to review OEC skills with candidates to assess the basic splinting and bandaging requirement before we start the “on the hill” practicals. With the season starting earlier it will also end sooner with a final exam on February 10th.

For all of you that have successfully achieved Senior OEC status I say job well done and thank you…. we all benefit from your effort and leadership. It takes a lot of volunteers to run this program, advisors, trainers, evaluators, station managers, patients, helpers and moulage artists. Thank you all for your support.