During the Fall Refresher season of 2018, NH Region will be running elections for Region Director and Northern Section Chief. A contest for Region Director has developed between Carl Chaplin and Christopher Rousseau. Both candidates have served the NH Region with dedication for many years and are now asking for your vote. In the Northern Section, 0rest 0har is running unopposed for his second term.

Please read their Platform Statements and consider downloading their NSP Curriculum Vitae. Ballots will be available at the Fall Refreshers of each member patrol unit.


To the members of the NH Ski Patrol Family

I am running for the position of NH Region Director and would appreciate your vote and support.

Why should you vote for me as RD?

Over the last fifteen years I have had the opportunity to work with a large percentage of the patrols in NH and around the North East. As an Assistant Patrol Director, Region OEC Administrator, and a Board member for the Professional Ski Patrol Association (PSPA), I have had the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of NSP policies, process and politics working with both the Geographic and Pro Division.

I have organized numerous OEC courses, helped work through the rollouts of new processes and fielded your comments providing helpful information where possible. When information needed clarification I have been able to gain that clarification from both the Division and National levels.

There are many varied topics that get discussed at all levels of NSP. Emergency medical processes are changing, OEC 6th Edition is slated in the next few years, and our membership’s average age is on the rise to name a few. Through open communication on these topics and many others I am more than willing to represent the interests of you, our New Hampshire members in the decision making process at the Region, Division, and National levels.

My wife and I now patrol at Sunapee, my youngest daughter and her husband both patrol fulltime at Loon, my oldest daughter is an alumni raising our future generation of patrollers. (Hopefully she will return to patrolling soon). I can honestly say skiing and patrolling has kept my family close and it’s been wonderful.

I am committed to keeping your best interests in the forefront of everything I do as Region Director and ensure that New Hampshire remains a great place to patrol.

Thank you for your consideration, your vote and your support.

Carl Chaplin
NH Region Assistant Director
NH Region Outdoor Emergency Care Administrator




My name is Christopher Rousseau and I am running for NH Region Director for the National Ski Patrol. I have been patrolling for almost 20 years within the NH Region. I am a Senior Patroller and hold National Appointment #11372. I have held the position of NH Region Young Adult Advisor and Young Adult Program National Advisor.

I am seeking election to the Director’s position as I would like to become a more integral part of the NH Region ski patrol community. I believe that we are one of the best Regions in the Eastern Division and I would like to be a part of continuing that tradition. In addition, I have ideas that I would like to implement within the Region which I believe would not only help us to continue to maintain our standards but help to raise our professionalism and expectations.

I have been an OEC instructor for many years and have participated in instruction at many levels. Although I see great commitment amongst our OEC instructors, I do believe that we fall short when it comes to providing professional development opportunities for both OEC and S&T instructors. We, as a Region, should work to provide these development and training opportunities and should strive to provide the resources needed to strengthen their core knowledge and increase their understanding of instructional methodology and pedagogy.

I further believe that we, as a Region, should take on a more pro-active role in skier and rider safety advocacy by proactively working with ski areas, social media, and other forms and outlets of media, to provide strong public service messages to the public. As the worlds premiere authority of skier and rider safety, we should embrace this fact and help make our State a safer one.

Lastly, I believe that we, as a Region, should work tirelessly to recruit new patrollers into our ranks here in NH. We know and understand that we have an aging population of patrollers, not just Region wide, but Nationally. We need to step up and do our part to recruit newer and younger abled bodies to carry on our rich and deep traditions for the foreseeable future. This requires strong commitment from the Region leadership downward to our “skis on the slopes” workforce.

During my tenure as Region Director, I promise to work hard to make these things a reality and to work hard for YOU, our NH Region Patrollers. I have worked alongside of you for many years. I know wish to work FOR you.

DOWNLOAD Christopher Rousseau’s RESUME


I am a 31 year member of the Ski Patrolling community who has dedicated much of that time to teaching and mentoring New Hampshire based Ski Patrollers in the National Ski Patrol System. Through my leadership, I have worked to eliminate inefficiencies by rebuilding struggling programs and producing mesurable result. Building strong programs that can stand on their own takes dedication, perseverance and patience because success requires cultivating ideas, implementing practices and bringing in new people empowered to deliver. I have a proven track record of developing and implementing educational programs and mentoring people to achieve a higher level of success.

For a detailed description of my accomplishments, click the biography link found below.

After decades of working directly in many of NH Region’s educational programs, I have learned to understand the needs of Patrol Director and their line patrollers. I am dedicated to problem solving and program development, and with my Ski Patrol track record, I promise to deliver results while representing the concerns of the patrollers of northern NH.

Please vote this autumn to re-elect me as the Northern Section Chief of New Hampshire.

Thank you,

0rest 0har

DOWNLOAD 0rest 0har’s RESUME