Hello New Hampshire,

While we are just beginning the 2017/2018 season (and some resorts are still not operating yet), I feel like we are already in mid-season given all of the activity. With a full OEC class, an MTR 1 clinic, an Instructor Development class, refreshers, and several Region meetings, all having been completed, it has been a very active fall. Add to that the National Board election and its associated meetings, discussions and conference calls, and it’s easy to understand how ski patrolling is stretching beyond the typical mid-December to March timeframe.

With regard to the National Board election, regardless of the outcome, there are some much needed “thank you’s” to be given: To the New Hampshire Region Staff for being so supportive and willing to carry out the election messaging; to Patrol Directors for welcoming and allowing Region Staff precious time at refreshers to discuss the election and its issues, and for their encouragement of their Patrollers to exercise their right to vote; and, lastly, to all New Hampshire Region Patrollers, for your willingness to listen to us, the thoughtful questions that you asked, and your desire to do the right thing to protect this organization that we all love. However, As I cautioned the groups that I spoke with this fall, this is not a one-and-done exercise. The commitment that you all demonstrated this year in working to understand the National issues, and especially how they impact you and your Patrol (and they do), will, unfortunately, need to be carried forward. While we will be there carrying the message, we will need you to do the heavy lifting…….continue to ask questions and continue to vote.

I would also like to call your attention to our completely redeveloped website, in case you had not taken notice. The redesign incorporates easier navigation, new information, and a cleaner, more modern design. The site is where you will find our calendar of events, online registration, and contact information. While a number of people had input into the design, Northern Section Chief 0rest 0har is owed the Region’s gratitude for his extensive time and effort in carrying out the technical redevelopment. Check it out!!!

As noted above, several training classes/clinics have already been completed this fall. This, really, is a testament to the knowledgeable and dedicated training staff we are lucky to have here in New Hampshire. They typically train while you are still enjoying your pool or beach vacation, and/or other odd times that your mind may be far from patrolling. They work tirelessly before, during, and after events to deliver quality programming, to ensure you have a positive, learning and fun experience, and that you get credit for the work you did. To all of our dedicated instructors, THANK YOU.

Inspired to learn, enhance your skills, try something new, meet other Patrollers, visit other mountains? Check out our Calendar of events. This season, your Region team will hold clinics in OEC, OET, skiing enhancement, Mountain Travel and Rescue, and Avalanche (awareness and rescue). Additionally, we will offer clinics designed specifically for Women (OET and MTR), and for our Young Adult Patroller Program. And lastly, if you are interested in becoming an instructor for one of the above programs, your first step would be to take the Instructor Development class. This is offered year-round in a variety of different delivery methods. If you have interest in any of these programs, see the calendar, reach out to the specific program advisor, or send me an email. We will respond quickly with the information you need.

Lastly, I am often approached by Patrollers wanting to get more involved with the Region or Eastern Division. I describe the process and what we look for in our advisor and other leadership positions. Sometimes this can take a few years and can be frustrating. But this should not dissuade you from wanting to contribute…..because there are other ways. For example, New Hampshire Region Patrollers have long been supporting the Special Olympics – you can do this by volunteering a few hours, a day or two…….on snow. This is a very special, very rewarding experience, and your help is needed. Please consider contacting Special Olympics liaison, John Brown, and offering your assistance.

On behalf of the New Hampshire Region Staff, I want to wish you all a great holiday season and an equally wonderful ski season.

Think Snow!!!

Paul Kelly
New Hampshire Region Director