Once again it’s NSP Voting Season. The NH Region will feature many news articles on top of the website’s NEWS page during this period. Voting opens today and runs through the first day of December.

NSP just finished mailing the election insert in the Fall 2017 edition of SKI PATROL Magazine. Their goal is to inform you about all the candidates running for office. They also maintain a special website called “Meet the Candidates” where platforms are published. Please read about the candidates and consider contacting them with questions. Phone numbers and emails are published.

Eastern Division NSP has also begun a candidate information campaign to advocate for the election and reelection of the National Board Representatives from our local division. However, instead of advocating for just our local candidates, Eastern Division decided to review the nationwide candidates and encourage us all to vote for the best candidates with the best track record for guiding NSP into the future. They have chosen a geographically diverse “Slate of Five” candidates.

You will see Eastern Division’s election campaign unfold on their Facebook page, and it will be promoted with the help of an email campaign. NH Region will feature their best information, including occasional videos on our own website’s NEWS page.

From across the nation, Eastern Division is recommending these five most qualified candidates. One from Southern Division. One incumbent from the Rocky Mountains. Two encumbers from the east who are running for re-election to continue their work on the board. And one longtime Eastern Division leader running for her first time on the national board.

Chris Pringle is a Massachusetts based patroller who is leading NSP out of its computer technology miss-steps. He is seeking his second term.

Morgan Armstrong, a Southern Division member who already has an admirable track record of serving on the national board. He is a retired Judge and in the past led the NSP Governance Committee.

Ken Kramer is a Winter Park, Colorado patroller and running as an incumbent. He has a track record on the board of supporting organization-wide initiatives that benefit patrollers nationwide.

Rick Knight, a Connecticut based patroller, and national board incumbent, has just ended an interim term as the National Executive Director while the board searched for new leadership.

Wendy Arnio is a longtime Southern Vermont Region staff member including both Senior OET and OEC T-E, and current Eastern Division OET Staff member and Eastern Division Women’s Program, charter member.

Eastern Division is recommending that all five in this “SLATE OF CANDIDATES,” be given a vote to continue the good work on an effective national board. This year’s elections allows all members including Alumni to vote for a maximum of five choices.

Please vote in the NSP election which starts today. Please vote for the SLATE OF CANDIDATES that Eastern Division has vetted for your consideration. NSP has provided ample opportunities on their website for members to familiarize themselves with the candidates. I urge you to do two things after reading this article:

1) Click this link and immediately vote for the SLATE OF FIVE.
2) After voting, please click this link to download a copy of the Eastern Division recommended SLATE OF FIVE and email it to all your ski patrol colleagues to encourage them to vote.

Don’t put this off; voting is more important now than ever before!