Fall is upon us and winter will be here before we know it. I hope to see many of our NH Region Patrol members participating in NSP Programs this year.  Over the past several years I have had the opportunity to work with and observe good motivated individuals enjoying some of the varied programs, clinics and seminars which NSP and the NH Region have to offer. These events are a tremendous open gateway to gain new skills and knowledge.

I suggest that as members we consistently view the NH Region website to check out the calendar of events and to see what’s going on for the season. Take the plunge and sign up for something and give it a try. Getting involved in the Senior Program is a perfect way to get started. I promise you will meet wonderful instructors with effective encouragement and development enhancing skills. In both the Senior S&T and OEC clinics there are always opportunities to meet and work with other aspiring patrollers. Having fun and progressing together as a group is a rewarding way to acquire new techniques for your set of goals in patrolling.

Lisa Kling, NH Assistant RD

If you’re a hiker or camper, looking into a Mountain Travel and Rescue course may be something you could be interested in. In addition, if you are the Alpine Touring kind of enthusiast, think seriously and consider signing up for an Avalanche Course at some level and see straightforward information and practices that may help your mountain adventures safer by using sound judgment and decision-making processes.

How about trying the “Women’s Program” for Ski & Toboggan training skills? This is a fun way to get training, for women, by women instructors, in a comfortable environment working on honing your skills for efficiency and adaptability on the slopes with varying terrain.

I have participated and instructed in many of these excellent programs and clinics myself and know that I have garnered valuable skills and more confidence for more than just ski Patrolling. I find myself by chance in everyday life events where new knowledge from my participation in some of these courses has come in very handy.

I hope this article will inspire many of you to challenge yourself this season. I look forward to having the opportunity to see you on the slopes having fun through participation.

Never stop growing!