National Ski Patrol is once again in an election year for National Board representation.  The NSP.ORG website debuted the 2017 CANDIDATES website where members may read the platform statements of each nominee.

The NSP Forum web page is also open again this year, where questions can be posted and candidate responses can be tracked.  The forum allows multiple candidates to post their responses to member posed questions.  NSP want to encourage discussions between the members and the candidates.

Eastern Division is promoting a slate of candidates selected from three different divisions nationwide, who have proven themselves as organization-wide thinkers.  What is best for Ski Patrolling nationwide is important and candidates who represent a single-minded agenda are not promoted on the slate.

New Hampshire Region is dedicated to helping our members learn about the candidates running for national board representation.  National board reps represent all members and help set the goals and direction for NSP nationwide.   NH members will have an opportunity to read several news articles on the subject of voting over the next three weeks.  Our goal is to highlight several issues that resonate within our region, among our members.

In the meantime, as we all prepare for our individual member ballot invitation — which will be email on October 16th, 2017 — spend some time visiting the links.  Read about the Candidates, post your questions on the discussion forum.  At any time, please feel free to phone any of the candidates directly.  Their numbers and emails can be found listed under their candidate profile.