Announcing open nominations for Southern and Central Section Chief. Qualification requirements and job descriptions are included below, along with excerpts of applicable New Hampshire and Eastern Division Bylaws.

Job Requirements of the Section Chief position:

  • Be a liaison between Patrol Director and Patrollers within their Section
  • Make annual visits to Patrols in their Section
  • Listen to concerns/needs of patrols and communicate to appropriate staff or program director.
  • Attend Region meetings and required Division meetings such as the Spring Officer’s meeting each April (this is a Friday, Saturday & Sunday meeting). Note: At the Spring Officers Meeting in April there is a Section Chief’s meeting on Friday night, attendance is important and informative. You will be assigned to a Division Committee and be expected to be an active participant.

NH Region Bylaws:

Section 5.1 – Eligibility
No officer shall be elected or appointed who shall not meet the eligibility requirements contained in the Division Bylaws in effect at the time of selection, nor shall such officer continue to hold office in the event of later ineligibility.

Section 5.3 – Section Chiefs
There shall be three (3) Section Chiefs, who shall be elected for a two-year term in alternate years. A Section Chief may not serve longer than six (6) consecutive years. The Section Chiefs must be registered and active within a patrol within the region. A Section Chief will represent the northern section of New Hampshire (Bretton Woods, Mt Washington, Black Mountain, Gunstock, King Pine, Abenaki, Wilderness, Jackson Cross-Country), the Central Section of New Hampshire (Dartmouth, Franklin, Storr’s Hill, Ragged, Whaleback) and the Southern Section of New Hampshire (Crotched, Pat’s Peak, Proctor, McIntyre, Mt Sunapee). Section Chiefs shall perform such duties as shall be given by the Region Director. The Region Director shall appoint one Section Chief as Alternate Region Director, who shall have the power granted by the Division Bylaws including the power to serve as Region Director in the absence of Region Director. The Section Chief shall have a vote in all Region and Division matters as provided by these Bylaws and the Division Bylaws. Section Chiefs shall hold no other elective office in NSP.

Section 5.8 – Qualification of Region Director and Section Chiefs
Elective officers, except Patrol Directors, shall have the qualification shown in Section 4.1 of the Division Bylaws.


4.1 Eligibility. Region Director candidates must be Active registered patrollers in the Region which they seek to represent, have a minimum of five seasons of patrolling experience, and have achieved Senior Alpine, Senior Nordic, or Certified status. Members currently registered as Patrollers are qualified to become Region Director candidates if they have met the requirements described above at some point in their patrol career.

NOTE: According to New Hampshire Region bylaws, Section Chief’s must have the same qualifications as the Region Director.

Election Process

Election for the positions will be held at each patrol’s refresher in the Fall of 2017. The election will be by secret written ballot and there will be an opportunity for write-in candidates on each ballot. All active members shall be permitted to cast one vote. A patroller is considered an active member if he/she has a NSP registration number reflecting primary membership in a patrol in the New Hampshire region, excluding alumni, medical associates, candidates and professional division members. Only active members of the patrols located in the southern and central sections will be permitted to vote for the Section Chief position in their respective sections. In the event a member does not complete his or her refresher at his/her home patrol, arrangements will be made to permit that member to vote at the refresher he/she attends. A vote tally will be announced after the last refresher in each section has completed the voting process.

DEADLINES: For those qualified and interested patrollers, notice of your interest must be received (in writing (via snail mail) or email) to one of the members of the Election Committee by the deadline date September 21, 2017. Any notice of interest received after the deadline date WILL NOT BE COUNTED. All notices of interest must have a date stamp on them in order to be valid. Telling someone on the Election Committee you are interested WILL NOT COUNT…it must be in writing and date stamped by either the U.S. MAIL or an email date stamp. Elections will be held at Patrol Refreshers this fall.

Resume and platforms from interested patrollers need to be received by September 21, 2017, in order to be posted on the website for all patrollers to review. To start the process please contact Ray Whitley, Election Committee Chairman.