2017 NH Region Refresher List

2017 Annual NSP refreshers are the responsibility of each local patrol. Attending outside you local patrol requires permission from the Patrol Director. Email PD's using the links below.
2017 RefreshersMember Patrols 
September 10NH Region
Instructor Refresher
September 23McIntyre Ski Area Email
October 14Whaleback and
Storrs Hill
October 21Crotchet and
Waterville Valley
October 21Ragged Mtn. Email
October 21Franklin at Loon Email
October 22Dartmouth Skiway Email
October 22Bretton Woods Email
November 4Mount Sunapee Email
November 4King Pine and
November 4Black Mtn. and
Jackson XC
November 11Pat's Peak Email
November 11Gunstock Mtn. Email

Senior OEC looking for HELP

Senior OEC is looking for HELP:  The program is preparing for the 2017 Senior OEC Emergency Medical Management EXAM on Sunday March 12th at Pat’s Peak.  The test is a logistical orchestration of volunteers that gather once per year to setup three Senior level OEC Stations.  We are asking for VOLUNTEERS who can act as patients and for SENIOR level patrollers to act as qualified patroller helpers. The event starts early in the morning and should be over by 1:00 PM for the volunteers. If you can help, please email the Senior OEC Program Advisor at this link…

OEC course coming this fall (2017)

The NH Region will be running an OEC course starting in August of 2017. The course will be run at McIntyre Ski Area and open to anyone interested. This is the baseline level of first aid needed to become a member of the National Ski Patrol. The course will run from August 27th 2017 through November 12th 2017. It will be Sundays from approx. 8am to 5pm.

We will also be running a Challenge course for those with the qualifications to Challenge the OEC exam which will also have the exam in November 2017. Again, those seats are limited. Please direct questions by clicking this EMAIL link…

Update: Currently the OEC course being held at McIntyre is full – taking students on a wait list. There are still currently open seats for the course being held at Pat’s Peak. Please use the same email link as above and we will work to find you seats while space is available.

OEC to EMT Transition Course

Early in the summer of 2015, after requests from numerous OEC Techs and ski patrol directors, we designed a course to take the OEC Tech to the EMT level.  With the help and support of OEC Instructors we performed a “Gap Analysis” and created a program that fills in the “gaps” of the well-designed focus found in the OEC.  This prepares students to function in the urban to rural landscape of the ambulance and 911 response.

The NHBEMS reviewed our analysis, outlines, syllabus, and supported a pilot program hosted by the folks at New London Hospital.  The success of the pilot has led the NHBEMS to allow us continue offering this program.  The Transition program allows the OEC Technician to go from OEC to EMT in about half the time it usually takes to be an EMT and at about half the cost.

The OEC Tech is very well trained with a focus on Trauma and Rescue from the hill to the Base and transfer to EMS, and familiar with medical problems.  Taking that foundation and experience, our course pushes A&P deeper, broader understanding of urban mechanisms of injury, and the pathophysiology of all the medical problems that populate urban EMS, while dealing with pediatrics, geriatrics, and special populations.  We cover ambulance operations, urban rescue, MCI/Triage, hazardous materials, and much more.

We present the curriculum using a balance of lecture, and frequent skill sessions as well as numerous scenarios…rescuers learn better when they do the things they learn about.   Our experience has us taught that this 80+ hour course, works best over 4 weekends, spread over 6 weeks.  Classes are on Sat/Sun 0800-1700, with a few on-line classes, and take- home quizzes.  We’ve also spread the weekends over 6 weeks to make keeping up with reading and quizzing easier.  This course prepares the candidate for the National Registry of EMTs (NREMT) computer-based exam (CBT) and the NHBEMS Practical which is offered monthly at State approved test centers.

Cost: $595, covers Instructional Cost, the EMT Manual, all Lab Fees and Equipment.  We allow/recommend the student in this course either rent or buy a used text-book (Amazon, etc.), this can save them 40-50% off the price, which ranges between $105 and $135.  Our text is J&B AAOS Emergency Care of the Sick and Injured, 11th Edition.

Location: New London Hospital, New London, NH

Dates: April 1, 2, 8, 9, 21, 22 and May 6, 7 from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Contact: Bill Kane, Director of the KANE SCHOOLS
email:  thekaneschools@gmail.com
phone:  207 935 2608,

2016 OEC Refreshers

The 2016 17 Ski Patrolling season begins with Outdoor Emergency Care REFRESHERS.  Below is the schedule for NH Region’s member patrol refreshers.  Refreshers are run by each individual patrol, please contact the Patrol Director if you need additional information.

Date Ski Area
Saturday September 24th McIntyre Ski Area, Manchester
Sunday October 2nd Ragged Mountain (Instructors Only)
Sunday October 8th Crotched Mountain (Instructors Only)
Saturday October 22th Crotched Mountain, Bennigton
Saturday October 22th Ragged Mountain, Danbury
Saturday October 22th Franklin and Loon Mountain, Lincoln
Sunday October 23rd Dartmounth Skiway, Lyme Center
Saturday November 5th Pat’s Peak (Instructors Only)
Saturday November 5th Mount Sunapee, Newbury
Saturday November 5th King Pine and Abenaki, Madison
Saturday November 5th Black Mountain, Jackson
Sunday November 6th Bretton Woods Resort, Bretton Woods
Saturday November 12th Pat’s Peak, Henniker
Saturday November 12th Gunstock Mountain, Gilford


OEC to EMT Transition Course @ New London Hospital

Transition your Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) Technician’s license to a full New Hampshire EMT license with this three weekend April course in New London, NH.

This event is being offered by the Kane Schools, Wild and Rescue Medicine of Fryeburg Maine.  Bill Kane the director is setting up shop at the New London Hospital, and over 24 hours per weekend, three weekends in a row in April:

April 8th, 9th and 10th
April 15th, 16th and 17th
April 22nd, 23rd and 24th

This is a new program, nothing like it has been run in NH for over 25 years.  It credits the OEC Tech with the knowledge and experience gained in the field and broadens, deepens, and enhances their understanding of emergency medicine and the world of EMS.  The schedule is built around compact, focused execution and the realities of work and life responsibilities.  It is structured to create the best EMT candidates, leading to successful completion of the NREMT Exams and NH Licensure.

The event will conclude after 72 hours of weekend  coursework, quizzes, clinicals and a final practical exam.  It is setup on weekends to not interfere with most professional lives.  Fridays start with a four hour session from 5:00 to 10:00 p.  Saturdays and Sundays are ten hour sessions from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Bring a copy of the AAOS Emergency Care (the Orange Book), 10th Edition, which can me purchased used from Amazon Books (between $55 and $75).  Sometimes Amazon has rental texts available.

Ski Patrollers and OEC Technicians who are considering a transition to NH EMT now have a chance to get it all done in a timely 72 hour block!  Click the Register link to download contact info for Bill Kane and make your EMT happen this season:

REGISTER with the Kane Schools, Wild & Rescue Medicine…

2015 Kick-Off for the Senior Program

The National Ski Patrol Senior Program is a national education opportunity that is offered at the region level.  The Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) Senior component allows candidates opportunities to further develop and enhance skills in the areas of leadership, decision making, and problem management of complex emergency care situations that may be encountered in a ski patrol environment.  The Senior Ski and Toboggan program allows candidates opportunities to further develop and enhance advanced skills in the areas of toboggan handling and skiing, or snowboarding, on the most challenging terrain in the Region.

Successful completion of the Senior S&T component, which is now known as Outdoor Emergency Transportation (OET), requires attending Senior level clinics where Division certified Trainer’s help candidates develop their own self-paced training progression to understand and achieve the Senior skill level.

Attainment of the OEC component requires completion of three phases, training clinics, written exercises and a final on-hill evaluation.  The program is designed to both develop and challenge candidates’ skills in managing complex multiple injury and multiple patient situations that they can expect to encounter as ski patrollers.  Candidates will develop their skills not only as OEC technicians, but also as leaders, problem solvers and emergency scene managers.

Both of these programs are fun, challenging and educational.  Please join us in an introductory meeting on Senior Program Kick-off Meeting.  If you plan to attend, please register for the activity by clicking on this link.

Both programs offer a calendar of more than 10 training opportunities which can be found on the NH Region’s monthly calendar page.  You can also browse though the individual program events by following these links:

NH Region Senior Ski & Toboggan Events

NH Region Senior Outdoor Emergency Care Events

Monthly Calendar

Training clinics and events are typically posted on the Region Calendar by December 1st.

Yearly Refresher Schedule – 2015

It’s that time of year again  – the Mountains are all planning their yearly refreshers. Here is a listing of the ones we have been told about.  For more detail, visit the NH Region’s monthly calendar.

Note: Most Instructor Refreshers are closed to outside Patrollers:

 September 26th McIntyre Ski Area
 October 3rd Whaleback/StorsHill
 October 17th Crotched Mountain
 October 24th Ragged Mountain
 October 31st Black Mountain
 November 1st Dartmouth Skiway
 November 7th Mt Sunapee and King Pine/Abenaki
 November 8th Bretton Woods
November 14th Pat’s Peak and Gunstock

Senior OEC Candidates visit Proctor Ski Area for the final Clinic

Larry Ballen PD greets Dan Rodgers and the candidates (Photo by Brian Rousseau)

Larry Ballen PD greets Dan Rodgers and the candidates (Photo by Brian Rousseau)

On Saturday February 21, 2015, NH’s Senior Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) Candidates attended the last “On-Snow Scenario-Based Clinics” of the season.  The event was hosted by Proctor Ski Area in Andover, NH as an opportunity for the candidates to familiarize themselves with the mountain.  On March 8th, 2015 Proctor Ski Area is the host mountain for this season’s final Senior OEC Exam.

Proctor's Lodge (Photo by Brian Rousseau)

Proctor’s Lodge (Photo by Brian Rousseau)

Proctor Ski Area from the lodge (Photo by Brian Rousseau)

Proctor Ski Area from the lodge (Photo by Brian Rousseau)

Looking down ar Andover, NH from the top (Photo by Brian Rousseau)

Looking down on Andover, NH from the top (Photo by Brian Rousseau)

The candidate crew preparing for another scenario (Photo by Brian Rousseau)

The candidate crew preparing for another scenario (Photo by Brian Rousseau)

Practicing on the main slope (Photo by Brian Rousseau)

Practicing on the main slope (Photo by Brian Rousseau)

Candidates practicing (Photo by Brian Rousseau)

Candidates practicing (Photo by Brian Rousseau)

Spine board application (Photo by Brian Rousseau)

Spine board application (Photo by Brian Rousseau)

TE Ed Sargent evaluating an unconscious patient scenario (Photo by Brian Rousseau)

TE Ed Sargent evaluating an unconscious patient scenario (Photo by Brian Rousseau)

Proctor Ski Area is a small private mountain operated by the Proctor Academy, a private 166 year old boarding high school nestled into the center of Andover, NH.  As a member mountain of NSP, Proctor maintains a student based ski patrol which participates in the region’s Young Adult Program.

Larry Ballen, the ski area’s Patrol Director and General Manager greeted us at the lodge.  Showed us around the mountain, helped us with our toboggans and gear and turned us loose to practice scenario problems for the day.  We had bright sunny, yet cold weather, with calm winds.  The sun shine helped maintain spirits throughout the day.  Occasionally we retreated into the lodge to warm-up and discuss Senior test problems encountered during practice.  Since this was the last official Senior Clinic on the calendar, many candidates were eager to score their last scenario signatures, before turning their written exam paperwork into Dan Rodgers, the Region’s Senior OEC Advisor.

New Hampshire Region offered its Senior Candidates a wide variety of educational training courses during the 2015 winter season.  Six full day, “on-snow” Clinics were held at the mountains that reported Senior Candidates:  Ragged Mountain, Crotchet and Pat’s Peak.  Three additional night skiing clinic were held this season at McIntyre, Pat’s Peak and Crotchet.  In addition to the traditional on-snow scenario practice clinics, NH Region held a two-hour classroom based “Senior OEC Pre-Course,” that presented candidates with optimum methods of self preparation for the training process that the winter season entailed.

Along the way, NH Region Senior OEC Staff held evening indoor coaching sessions where candidates could work on techniques under the watchful eye of Staff Trainers who could provide immediate coaching inputs to help student develop better Senior techniques for Assessment, Problem Solving, Decision Making and Management.  These four items make-up the primary grading criteria for becoming a Senior Patroller, because the Senior OEC exam is about emergency medical management rather then just OEC skills.

Thank you Proctor Academy for hosting two Senior OEC events, and good luck to all the Senior Candidates that trained so hard.  The Region Staff enjoyed working with you all!  Thank you Brian Rousseau for shooting the photos for this article.