NH Region Patrollers Banquet ending the 2017 season

I’d like to take just a little time for a wrap up on our 2017 NH Region Patrollers Banquet held at Ragged Mountain Resort on April, 22, 2017.  What a great way to celebrate our organization and the NH patrol members who give of themselves to so many.

We had a good attendance with lots of patrollers and their spouses from many patrols throughout the Region.  There was plenty of time to visit and connect with individuals which some of us may have worked with during the season either through Toboggan clinics or training with OEC or just plain daily patrolling.  Great food was served for our dinner and desert was plentiful and sweet.  Our dinner table centerpieces were lovely donated potted flowers from Pleasant View Gardens.

After I presented my opening remarks and thanked the many individuals who helped make the event another success I snuck in a little surprise for all.  I garnered two brave volunteers to participate in a dance contest wearing a handmade Halloween mask.  Craig Baker and Kevin Donahue were such good sports to participate in the little skit.  I did present them with a joke prize for their efforts.

Our awards were started off with “Years of Service” presentations starting from twenty years and up to thirty five.  Then special recognition was announced for the very long dedicated service of several individuals.

Stefanie Costello – Senior Alpine Patroller

  • Forty Years (40):  Roger Hooper of Mount Sunapee
  • Forty Five Years (45):  Peter Kaufmann of Crotched Mountain
  • Fifty Years (50):  Dale Hardy of McIntyre Ski Area
  • Fifty Five Years (55):  George Ecker of Mount Sunapee

We followed with recognition of Senior Alpine Patroller achievement, this season Stefanie Costello of Pats Peak completed all her electives and modules.  Next the NH Region recognition for outstanding performance were awarded:

Outstanding YAP Alex Rousseau

  • Young Adult Patroller (YAP):  Alex Rousseau of Pats Peak
  • Outstanding Volunteer Alpine Patroller:  Deb Brown of Ragged Mt
  • Outstanding Large Patrol:  Crotched Mountain

Awards for meritorious service were presented to:

  • Meritorious Service Awards were presented to Ted Fitzgerald and Lisa Kling both from Ragged Mountain, for their dedicated service to the NH Region.

    Outstanding Volunteer Deb Brown

  • Blue Merit Stars awarded to Kevin Boulard and Sarah Carlstrom, both from Pats Peak, in recognition for saving the lives of skiers.
  • A Purple Merit Star was awarded to Alex Rousseau of Pat’s Peak for significant aid in the saving of a skier’s life.

There were also two special NSP “Angel Pins” given to Kim Bolton and Tina Fitzgerald, both from Ragged Mountain, for their continued support as non-patrolling members.

After the awards presentations, we had our fun door prize

Outstanding Patrol 2017 Crotched Mountain

drawing with many really cool items. Our selection covered a very large table and provides excitement, laughter and smiles.

Our last segment of the evening was our traditional Quilt Raffle Drawing.  The funds raised through this raffle are used to help augment the costs of providing Region Programs for patrol members.  Carolyn Schwarz, a Mount Sunapee Alumni member, won the quilt.  We raised $ 452.00 this year.  Thank you all for your help.

Meritorious Service Awards

Very last but not least, one individual at each dinner table had a special colored flower tied to their chair and were chosen to take the centerpiece home with them.

Blue Merit Star Kevin Boulard and Sarah Carlstrom (not pictured)

Purple Merit Star Alex Rousseau

I do hope all attendees had a wonderful time with us this year.  I personally thank all of you for your continued support of the NH Region NSP and our dedicated patrol members for their contributions to the skiing public.  See you on the slopes next season!

TE Training Yields Better Instructors, “OP-ED”

Ny name is Jake Jacobson, I patrol at King Pine Resort in Madison, NH.  As a Ski and Toboggan “Trainer-Evaluator” for National Ski Patrol, I have found that the program excels at the Toboggan training aspect but has always lagged behind in the Skiing aspect of instruction. This troubles me because the two portions of the program have equal weight in testing scenarios as well as from a practical holistic standpoint.

The essential skills and objectives that we test in both portions — Skiing and Toboggan Handling — BOTH rely on: effective edge control, pressure management, rotary movement control and directing the center of mass while moving forward over the base of support.  Whether we are doing long, medium, or short radius turns or effectively controlling a sled or tail-rope with snowplow, sideslip or transition maneuvers; the movements and the skills are exactly the same.

In my opinion, an Outdoor Emergency Transportation (OET) Instructor needs to be a “SKI” instructor first and a Toboggan instructor second in order to successfully help students progress to competence and mastery of ALL of our alpine program objectives.  With that said, I attended an NSP sanctioned Ski Trainer’s Workshop hosted by Waterville Valley who provided us with an all day instructor training event run by their own ski school’s Technical Director, Kathy Brennan:

Semi annually, Kathy Brennan is and has been an incredibly valuable asset to the NH OET Program. I’ve skied with her on multiple occasions over the years in Skier Enhancement Clinics and have always come away with new teaching tools for my teaching tool-box and a new approach to my personal skiing.  These occasional clinics have consistently resulted in more effective and enjoyable ski performance.  This event was no exception!

…In addition, at this level of instruction where Kathy is able to clinic NSP Instructors, she was able to give us all a focused progression through the latest PSIA Skiing Fundamentals introduced in their newly published “Alpine Technical Manual.”  Teaching to the fundamentals was Kathy Brennan’s objective. It was meant to coax improvement out of all of us while keeping the conversation open toward applying our new knowledge and experience for correcting and refining our existing teaching techniques.

She pushed us hard from 8:15 to 3:45 and got her intended results while identifying and meeting all of our objectives!  All of this happened in an approachable, enjoyable, and logical progression, by an expert who trains PSIA Instructors working at NH’s biggest ski resorts.

Suffice it to say, that by day’s end, enough eye-opening “WOW” factor was experienced that my brains exploded.  I have definitely joined the Kathy Brennan “Fan Club.”  A marked improvement was seen in ALL members of the NH Region OET Staff in attendance, making this the most advanced group of skiers I have ever had the pleasure to  clinic with!

…And yes, new skiing muscle groups were found, I’m sure I’ll be sore recovering from a great lesson. This event should not only be held annually — it should be REQUIRED for anyone representing NSP in an OET Instructor capacity.

Editor’s Side Note: Any member of the New Hampshire Region Ski Patrol has the opportunity to attend a full day clinic with Kathy Brennan at Waterville Valley.  Every season, NH Region offers a Skiing Enhancement event on the last Sunday of January.  Watch the NH Region CALENDAR page for sign-up details, because this event fills up early.

Young Adult Patroller’s take on Bolton Valley in Vermont

Prepared for anything, NH Region Adult Patroller’s (YAP) eagerly arrived at Bolton Valley in Richmond, Vermont for the Eastern Division Young Adult Patroller’s Seminar on Friday, March 17. With recent storms providing over 20 inches of new snow, the group spent most of the morning and afternoon on the slopes, running the bull wheels ragged. Dinner in the Athletic Center came after check-in, and the YAP’s made their way to their first meeting focusing on Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) equipment required for all events, throughout the weekend. Their packed schedule included training, preparations, skill tests, games, and a bit of friendly social gathering with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, woven into the mix.

There’s no sleeping-in on this trip. After an early breakfast on Saturday, all registered participants separate into four groups; OEC, Ski Skills, Toboggan Skills, and a tour of the mountain lead by their Shepherds. Each group attends one event in the morning, and one in the afternoon. Later, they were allowed some down-time at their condo to take a quick shower, then it’s back to the Athletic Center for dinner. The evening is planned with a skills game called, Minute to Win It. In addition, they have time to socialize and meet other YAP’s from around the region while enjoying conversations among their peers. The time is well spent making new friends, building confidence, and developing relationships that last for generations to come.

The next morning is an early rise with the same agenda in place. Two events in the morning and afternoon, a quick shower, then the main event they have anxiously awaited; the awards banquet! Wide participation brought young patrollers that represented eight states in the Eastern Division. We are proud to share the results of the Pat’s Peak participants who reached the following achievements in five categories.

Skiing Skills Toboggan Skills OEC Skills Patient Assessment Skills Overall Achievement
Alex Rousseau 2nd Alex Rousseau 2nd Alex Rousseau 23rd Alex Rousseau 2nd Alex Rousseau 4th
Emilee Harlow 7th Emilee Harlow 5th Emilee Harlow 18th Emilee Harlow 4th Emilee Harlow 5th
Jeremiah Tickner 15th Jeremiah Tickner 14th Jeremiah Tickner 28th Jeremiah Tickner 17th Jeremiah Tickner  18th
Ethan Case 29th Ethan Case 32nd Ethan Case 34th Ethan Case 8th Ethan Case 36th

For these patrollers, this annual event becomes more than a number or place setting. It’s finding the courage to advance from the young adults we currently know, into strong leaders of the future. To learn more about the Young Adult Program, follow this link to Eastern Division NSP’s YAP webpage.

Patrollers’ Banquet – Saturday April 22, 2017 – Now Open for Registration

We’re bringing back the NH Region Patrollers Banquet

This year on April 22, 2017 Ragged Mountain Resort in Danbury NH will be hosting our Patrollers Banquet. Download the registration form and mail-in a check…

This is a great opportunity to get together with fellow patrollers and friends from other patrols and share some stories, laughs and camaraderie.

2017 Patrollers’ Banquet QUILT

Cocktail hour is the perfect venue to do some networking with some of our Region officers, program advisors and Instructors and get in the loop of information for next season. It is also a good chance to embellish comical incidents of unique happenings you may have been part of.

Delicious food will be served for dinner and desert.  We’ll have a door prize raffle with cool items for choosing.  This always adds fun to the evening.

NSP Awards will be presented in recognition of Patrollers’ and Patrols’ contributions to the NSP organization.

Finishing off the evening festivities will be the traditional “Quilt Raffle”.  The proceeds from this raffle are donated to the NH Region to augment funding of various programs provided for the dedicated members of NH Region NSP.

Please join us for this fun event and help congratulate and recognize the accomplishments and contributions of your fellow patrollers.

Please download the registration form and mail-in a check…

Lisa Kling, NH Region Banquet Coordinator.

Senior OEC looking for HELP

Senior OEC is looking for HELP:  The program is preparing for the 2017 Senior OEC Emergency Medical Management EXAM on Sunday March 12th at Pat’s Peak.  The test is a logistical orchestration of volunteers that gather once per year to setup three Senior level OEC Stations.  We are asking for VOLUNTEERS who can act as patients and for SENIOR level patrollers to act as qualified patroller helpers. The event starts early in the morning and should be over by 1:00 PM for the volunteers. If you can help, please email the Senior OEC Program Advisor at this link…

OEC course coming this fall (2017)

The NH Region will be running an OEC course starting in August of 2017. The course will be run at McIntyre Ski Area and open to anyone interested. This is the baseline level of first aid needed to become a member of the National Ski Patrol. The course will run from August 27th 2017 through November 12th 2017. It will be Sundays from approx. 8am to 5pm.

We will also be running a Challenge course for those with the qualifications to Challenge the OEC exam which will also have the exam in November 2017. Again, those seats are limited. Please direct questions by clicking this EMAIL link…

Update: Currently the OEC course being held at McIntyre is full – taking students on a wait list. There are still currently open seats for the course being held at Pat’s Peak. Please use the same email link as above and we will work to find you seats while space is available.

Great “Toboggan Enhancement” at King Pine

What a marvelous day we had at King Pine in Madison NH on Sunday January 29th 2017!  The weather was PERFECT, sun, clouds, warm temps and no wind.

Jake Jacobsen and I, as Region TE’s, were Lead Instructors for two groups participating in the Toboggan Clinic.  Almost all the participants came from the King Pine Patrol, and one registered from outside.  John Riley (NH Region ATI) along with two ATI candidates, contributing as Instructors, provided great feedback and demonstration of skills for our students.

We all started out as one large group for a few ski runs to warm up and perform some basic ski patroller skills, which gave us a good indicator for group divisions. We began the morinng by focusing on productive and terrain appropriate drills including snowplow, side slip, transition and crud run route selection.  This got us ready to move to toboggan operation.

With empty sled runs we concentrated on creating smooth sled following results.  The goal for each student was to try using skidded turns in a narrow track called short-swing turns.  Not only did the students feel excellent speed control, it also skied the toboggan with very little rear sled wash-out.  This proved to be very evident when demonstrated by our Instructors,  Everyone’s proficiency improved with a better understanding of the benefits after seeing the demonstration, then getting a chance to practice with NH Region Instructors coaching the skills.

Loaded sleds were worked on steep groomed and somewhat icy trails before venturing into the big and interestingly textured bumps on steeper terrain.  My group was afforded several runs for each student.  The group tried all positions, including outside the handles and alternating to the tail rope.  Students made good improvement and uplifted confidence from early morning to our eventual conclusion by 2:30 PM.

I had the opportunity to observe Jake’s larger group working on the same terrain and noticed that even though the tasks at hand may have been originally daunting for some, by their second or third run I could only see huge smiles and enlightenment on the students’ faces. The elevation of skills for the participants in this clinic was obvious and substantial.

Thanks to our talented Instructors for their time and effort and commitment to the S&T Program. I also want to especially thank “King Pine Ski Patrol” for hosting this wonderful event.  I encourage patrollers from all over NH Region to consider participation in Toboggan Enhancement clinics such as this, I promise that you all will have fun!

Mt. Washington Avalanche Course

New Hampshire Region and Eastern Division NSP has opened registration for students looking for Level 1 Avalanche Rescuer certification.  Every year the two organization team up to take 18 students up to Tuckerman and Huntington Ravines for the three day intensive Avalanche Level 1 Rescuer course.  The lead instructor, Eric Zaharee, a longtime member of the Mt. Washington Volunteer Ski Patrol, is joined by the Eastern Division Avalanche staff and given the mission to promote save travel over hazardous snow covered mountain terrain.  This course is meant for the general skiing public who frequent back country skiing terrain found around the White Mountains.  NSP members are offered a discount for attending.  The course runs from March 17th through the 19th, details can be found on the Calendar, or follow this link to: Mt. Washington Avalanche Level 1 Course…

Hybrid ID Course now offered

The newly hybridized online NSP Instructor Development Course is finally available to students who prefer a self paced/self motivated avenue towards becoming a Instructor.  NH Region ID staff is encouraging that all future instructor’s choose this method of learning.  More of the didactic learning has been moved to the Knowledge Direct Web and has been hybridized, similar to OEC refreshers.  This allows for more one-on-one Instructor interaction focusing on preparing the student for completing the practical exercises.  This newly reconstructed online course allows NSP’s future instructors a faster more individualized avenue for moving into the mentor-ship model where the discipline specific training begins. Check out the details here…