Young Adult Patroller’s take on Bolton Valley in Vermont

Prepared for anything, NH Region Adult Patroller’s (YAP) eagerly arrived at Bolton Valley in Richmond, Vermont for the Eastern Division Young Adult Patroller’s Seminar on Friday, March 17. With recent storms providing over 20 inches of new snow, the group spent most of the morning and afternoon on the slopes, running the bull wheels ragged. Dinner in the Athletic Center came after check-in, and the YAP’s made their way to their first meeting focusing on Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) equipment required for all events, throughout the weekend. Their packed schedule included training, preparations, skill tests, games, and a bit of friendly social gathering with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, woven into the mix.

There’s no sleeping-in on this trip. After an early breakfast on Saturday, all registered participants separate into four groups; OEC, Ski Skills, Toboggan Skills, and a tour of the mountain lead by their Shepherds. Each group attends one event in the morning, and one in the afternoon. Later, they were allowed some down-time at their condo to take a quick shower, then it’s back to the Athletic Center for dinner. The evening is planned with a skills game called, Minute to Win It. In addition, they have time to socialize and meet other YAP’s from around the region while enjoying conversations among their peers. The time is well spent making new friends, building confidence, and developing relationships that last for generations to come.

The next morning is an early rise with the same agenda in place. Two events in the morning and afternoon, a quick shower, then the main event they have anxiously awaited; the awards banquet! Wide participation brought young patrollers that represented eight states in the Eastern Division. We are proud to share the results of the Pat’s Peak participants who reached the following achievements in five categories.

Skiing Skills Toboggan Skills OEC Skills Patient Assessment Skills Overall Achievement
Alex Rousseau 2nd Alex Rousseau 2nd Alex Rousseau 23rd Alex Rousseau 2nd Alex Rousseau 4th
Emilee Harlow 7th Emilee Harlow 5th Emilee Harlow 18th Emilee Harlow 4th Emilee Harlow 5th
Jeremiah Tickner 15th Jeremiah Tickner 14th Jeremiah Tickner 28th Jeremiah Tickner 17th Jeremiah Tickner  18th
Ethan Case 29th Ethan Case 32nd Ethan Case 34th Ethan Case 8th Ethan Case 36th

For these patrollers, this annual event becomes more than a number or place setting. It’s finding the courage to advance from the young adults we currently know, into strong leaders of the future. To learn more about the Young Adult Program, follow this link to Eastern Division NSP’s YAP webpage.

Great Golf Tournament — Thank You Sponsors and Supporters

YAPgolfThankYouThe weather for NH Region’s first YAP Golf Tournament was fantastic, bright, sunny and warm for a autumn day on the links at Canterbury Woods Country Club.  Forty participants and 22 sponsors came together to make this event a successful fundraiser for New Hampshire Ski Patrol’s “YOUNG ADULT PATROLLER” (YAP) program.

The Young Adult Patrollers is a unique subset of National Ski Patrol members made up of both fully credentialed ski patrollers and candidates in training between the ages of 15 and 18 years of age.  The program trains high school students in the profession of Ski patrolling.   Fully credentialed YAP members are required to meet all the same requirements of regular Ski Patrollers.  The YAP program provides these high school students resources to train locally and travel around New England and Eastern United States to meet other YAP high school students at NSP youth events.

We sincerely thank the golfers who came out to support the NH YAP program, as well as the sponsors who donated prizes for their sponsorship.  We ask you all to please take your business to our sponsors when ever possible:





Cayer Concrete Forms













And a special thanks to the following companies and individuals who do not maintain a website, instead their business succeeds on referrals and reputation:

Lakes Region Cleaners

GLA Carpentry — Gary Ames, Center Sandwich, NH (603) 677-2460

Romano Electric — Peter Romano, Belmont NH 603-455-9471

Summit Massage

Deb Brown

Paul & Susan Kelly

Young Adult Patroller GOLF TOURNAMENT Fundraiser — October 2014

Canturbury Woods Country ClubNSP’s “Young Adult Patroller’s” (YAP) program serves high school aged students with training opportunities and experience with ski patrolling and first responder activities.  YAP events occur around the entire New England, New York and Pennsylvania regions, requiring the students to travel.  To help offset the expenses of operating a viable program for participating high school students around the state of New Hampshire, the Region YAP program invites you to join our Golf Tournament and help us raise money for the YAP students on Monday, October 6th, 2014 at Canterbury Woods Country Club in Canterbury, NH.

The tournament is organized as a “four person scramble” and includes many fun prize competitions such as:golfer

  •     Closest to the pin
  •     Longest drive (men & women)
  •     1st, 2nd & 3rd place prizes
  •     Putting contest
  •     Hole-in-one prize

Sign up 4 players to ensure a foursome or register individually and the tournament committee will assign you to a team.    The tournament entry deadline is September 22nd, 2014 or once all 128 spaces full-up.  Registration includes greens fee, golf cart and ends with an evening banquet.

Get your foursome together and register for a worthy cause by clicking this link. . .

Arrival and on site registration:  9:30 am
Shotgun golf tournament start:  11:00 am
Banquet Luncheon begins immediately after the conclusion of play.

About the NH “Young Adult Patroller” program

Young Adult Patrollers programThe nonprofit National Ski Patrol (NSP) still adheres to the creed of “Service and Safety” established more than 75 years ago, as the leading authority of on-mountain and back-country safety.  NSP is dedicated to serving the public and outdoor recreation industry by providing education and accreditation to emergency care and safety service providers.  This organization is made up of more than 28,000 members serving over 650 patrols including Alpine and Nordic patrollers, Back-Country Search and Rescue teams as well as bicycle rescue patrols.  NSP members work on behalf of local ski and snowboard areas to improve the overall experience and safety for outdoor recreationalists.

Young Adult Patrollers (YAP) are a unique subset of the NSP.  They are NSP members and patrol candidates, eligible between the age of 15 through high school graduation. Young Adult patrollers must meet the same requirements and fulfill the same patroller training and responsibilities as any other member of the NSP.  They work hard to attain the same skill set as all other NSP members. Check out this video portraying NH’s Young Adult Patrollers — featured on WMUR TV’s “New Hampshire Chronicle” program:

The following video is a compilation of the events at yhe 2014 Eastern Division Young Adult Program Seminar at Sugarloaf Maine.

We feel strongly that the YAP program is where the future of NSP lies. Throughout New England, NSP has a very active and strong YAP program.  We wish to continue to support these high school students, by holding a Golf Tournament Fundraiser to financially support their many future events to come.

Golf Tournament fundraiser sponsorships are available to individuals, companies and organizations. To review the available sponsorship offerings, please follow this link. . .

Please join us on Friday, June 27th, 2014 by registering a foursome or individuals in our first annual Young Adult Patroller Golf Tournament at Canterbury Woods Country Club in Canterbury, NH.  We look forward to golfing with you you. Should you have any questions, please contact Mark Kendrick or Joelle Kraft. . .

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 In case golfing is not your thing, the Young Adult Program is also accepting charitable donations during this fundraiser period.  Click this link to go to our PayPal donation processing site:  Donate to New Hampshire YAP

 Check out the Course at Canterbury Woods

Canterbury Woods Hole 1Canterbury Woods Hole 2

Canterbury Woods Hole 3
Canterbury Woods Hole 4
Canterbury Woods Hole 5
Canterbury Woods Hole 6
Canterbury Woods Hole 7
Canterbury Woods Hole 8
Canterbury Woods Hole 9
Canterbury Woods Hole 10
Canterbury Woods Hole 11
Canterbury Woods Hole 12
Canterbury Woods Hole 13
Canterbury Woods Hole 14
Canterbury Woods Hole 15
Canterbury Woods Hole 16
Canterbury Woods Hole 17
Canterbury Woods Hole 18

Sponsorships Available for 1st Annual YAP Golf Tournament

New Hampshire Young Adult Program is holding its 1st annual GOLF TOURNAMENT fundraiser this summer at Canterbury Woods Country Club.  Several very affordable tournament sponsorships are available to individuals or companies who are interested in supporting Ski Patrol’s young adults.

NH Region and Canterbury Woods Country Club will work with sponsors to create and position signs promoting donations based on the sponsorships of your choosing.  The most affordable sponsorships are:

Three high profile Corporate Sponsorships are also available:

  • Black Diamond Sponsor at $2500
  • Blue Square Sponsor at $1500
  • Green Square Sponsor at $500

The Black Diamond package becomes the primary tournament sponsor which includes a team (foursome of golfers) for the tournament; corporate “Branding” on tournament brochures and generous mentions on every page of our website (with link-backs to your website) where golfers would browse to discover tournament details and register for the event; generous mention in the website news article chronicling the event with a multiple link-backs to your website;  and lastly, we have set aside front-and-center space for a company banner (including your branding) at the evening’s banquet and awards presentation. The banner shall be provided by the Black Diamond package sponsor.

The Blue Square Package also includes a team (foursome of golfers) for the tournament; one mention in the website news article chronicling the event with a single link-back to your website; and right-side of field space for a company banner (including your branding) at the evening’s banquet and awards presentation. The banner shall be provided by the Blue Square package sponsor.

The Green Circle Package only includes one mention in the website news article chronicling the event with a single link-back to your website; and left-side of field space for a company banner (including your branding) at the evening’s banquet and awards presentation. The banner shall be provided by the Green Circle package sponsor.

Please consider joining us as a SPONSOR at a level that brings you the exposure that you seek at New Hampshire Region Ski Patrol’s 1st annual Young Adult Program GOLF TOURNAMENT.  For sponsorship questions and  details about how to sign your organization up, please contact Mark Kendrick.  The $100 sponsorships can all be purchased off this website by clicking on the links provided above.  To learn more about New Hampshire’s Young Adult Program, please read on.

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NSP’s “Young Adult Patroller’s” (YAP) program serves high school aged students with training opportunities and experience with ski patrolling and first responder activities.  YAP events occur around the entire New England, New York and Pennsylvania regions, requiring the students to travel.  To help offset the expenses of operating a viable program for participating high school students around the state of New Hampshire, the Region YAP program invites you to join our Golf Tournament and help us raise money for the YAP students on Friday, June 27th, 2014 at Canterbury Woods Country Club in Canterbury, NH.

To learn more about the YAP in New Hampshire and around the Eastern Division and to view or videos, follow this link. . .


Young Adult Program News

Are You Ready for the Upcoming Season? – Well, after a long summer, we have arrived at that time again.  It’s time to put down those summer floaties, time to put down those summer frosty drinks, and strap on those skis and snowboards, because it is Student Ski Patrol TIME!

So what did you do to get yourself prepared for opening day?  Did you eat all the right foods to keep your body healthy?   Did you exercise routinely in order to keep your muscle tone in tiptop shape?  Well you may not have been able to complete all of those things, but there a few things you can do NOW to be better prepared.

To begin with, refresh over the basics out of the OEC manual.  It is not just enough to know how to ski, you have to be able to asses your patients and provide appropriate first aid techniques to them during an emergency.

One of the most important skills to refresh is your patient assessment.  Without this skill being honed to perfection, it stands to reason that you cannot treat the things you cannot find.  The better your assessment is, the more responsible and appropriate care you can provide.  Be creative.  Practice on your siblings, pillows, parents, or who ever else will act the part of an injured patient.  Have them come up with injuries, and not tell you what they are until you find them on your assessment.  See how well you do.

Practice the important hands on skills like the art of using triangular bandages.  With one of these bandages, you can treat just about anything you come across.  You can control bleeding, apply splints, complete long and short boards, improvise, heck, you can do just about anything with a couple of triangular bandages, especially if you fold them into cravats.

If there is an OEC class that is on going in your area, contact the lead instructor and ask if you can stop by and help out with practical skills days.  This is the best way to stay up on perishable skills.  The best way to master something is to teach it to others.

It’s also not to late to start those exercises.  Jogging, walking, stretches, and strength training are activities that can be easily accomplished in order to get you physically ready to perform your best on the slopes.  Remember, its not just you that needs to make it to the bottom, but the patients that you load into the toboggan that needs a safe ride to first aid.

So, ask yourself, are you ready for the upcoming season?  Are you mentally and physically ready to take on the challenge of providing a safe and fun environment for the skiing public at your ski area?  You are an important part of the safety team, and someday may be called upon to take the place of those who are running the patrol currently.

YOUNG ADULT PROGRAM START UP MANUALFor those who have been around for a while, you may remember that the NH Region, in conjunction with the State of Massachusetts and the National Office, worked on a Young Adult Program (YAP) start up manual.  Many hours of work and effort went into this manual and covered topics that range from approaching your local area and getting approval, working with parents, and the local media to promote the program.

To learn more about how to get the manual for your patrol, follow this link…

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? – This is a new segment for our newsletter.  As the information becomes available, we will do our best to tell you the success stories of people who were Juniors, Student Patrollers, or Young Adult Patrollers in years past, and where they are today.

Our first spot lighted patroller is a Junior patroller from Temple Mountain who first entered the scene in 1996.  Mitch Cady first joined the ranks of the ski patrol along side of his father at the now historic Temple Mountain Ski Area which was then located on the town lines of Peterborough and Temple, NH.

Mitch Patrolled at Temple until 2000.  Simultaneously he patrolled at the Dartmouth Ski Way during the 1997-98 season.  He participated in multiple Regional training seminars and during the 1998-99 season was awarded the National Outstanding Junior Patroller award and the Gold Merit Star.

Wynett, MFP Arson Dog at work investigating a fire

That was just the beginning for Mitch however.  Now that he has aged out of the Junior program, he has moved on from the Ski Patrol and works full time for the City or Manchester Fire Department as a fire investigator and Accelerant Detection Canine Handler.

Mitch is tasked with citywide fire inspections of businesses and arson investigation.  Clearly Mitch has made a name for himself within the New Hampshire Fire community and the city of Manchester.  You can follow him and Wynett’s Fire Department activities at their FaceBook page

For all that Mitch has accomplished he can trace it all back to his humble beginnings at a small town family ski area and a little program know as the Young Adult Patroller Program.

BLACKWATER SKI AREA IN FULL FORCE WITH STUDENTS – Blackwater Ski Area is located in Andover, NH and is maintained by Proctor Academy, a private prep school for high school age students.  All though the ski area has been there for years, it was not until recently that they came on board with a full student program thru the New Hampshire Region.  Blackwater has three trails and 2 lifts, which include a T-bar.  It hosts the local area skiers and ski teams for recreation and practice.  Hundreds of patrons use this facility each week and outside of the adult advisor that oversees this operation, the first aid care is provided almost solely by the Young Adult Patrollers.  This provides an incredible opportunity for young folks at the school.

Currently there are four new Blackwater students enrolled in the Pats Peak Ski Area OEC program in Henniker, NH.  Being the Young Adult Patrol Advisor for the Region, I have had a chance to teach in this program several times thus far and have worked with the Blackwater students.  They clearly bring a level of professionalism and excitement into the course with their hard work and determination.

This is not a weekend venture for these students however.  This program is fully integrated into their school life, as each of them is a full time student at the prep school.  The students receive credit for being a part of the program, so not only are they helping injured skiers, they are also working toward their graduation requirements.  This constitutes a win-win for both the students and the school.  This program can easily serve as a model program for other prep schools or high schools that want to offer an alternative to ordinary club activities in their school district.  There is no doubt that the students at Blackwater will receive a great education and a life experience that is unmatched.  We, at the New Hampshire Region, look forward to many more years of interaction with the students of Blackwater.

2010-11 NH REGION STUDENT SEMINAR LOCATION ANNOUNCED – Each year the New Hampshire Region hosts a regional seminar that is located at a ski area within the State.  This seminar provides an opportunity for all active young adult patrollers throughout the Region to get together for a day and receive expert instruction on all things ski patrol.  The event is lead and presented by a group of volunteer instructors and patrollers from across the region.  They come to donate their time and share their knowledge with the students to help make them more proficient in their chosen avocation.

This year’s seminar will be held at Loon Mt Resort in Lincoln, NH.  This will be the first time that the regional seminar has been brought to Loon as they have not had an active young adult program within their patrol.  But, we certainly hope to change their minds and foster interest in developing such avaluable resource.

The event date will be February 20th, 2011 and will begin promptly at 8:30am.  Participants will gather at the Ski Patrol First Aid Room for roll-call and opening remarks.  From there participants will be sent out on to the slopes with representatives from the New Hampshire Region Ski & Toboggan evaluation team to hone ski, snowboard, and rescue tobogganing techniques.

After a break for lunch will be given (students provide on their own), the group will reconvene around 1pm for OEC practice with the Region OEC Administrator.  On the hill scenarios will round out the afternoon until about 4:30pm, at which time, students will gather back at our meeting location for a review and closing remarks.

The purpose of this event is two fold.  Not only are students developing new skills and the tools needed for becoming better patrollers, but they are also being prepared for the Eastern Division Student Training Seminar which will be held at Sugarloaf Resort, Maine this season on March 18th through the 21st, 2011.

The Division Young Adult Seminar is a multi-day experience and for those that have been in the past, they know this is an event that should NOT TO BE MISSED. Photos of last years Eastern Division event, held at Jimminy Peak Resort, MA can be seen by following these links:  Riding, Rescue Toboggan Handling, OEC, miscellaneous photos, and awards.   More information on both the NH Region and this season’s Eastern Division Young Adult Seminar will follow in the next edition of the Young Adult Program newsletter.

Registration for the New Hampshire Region can be found on the NH Region Calendar under February 20, 2011.  We encourage all NH Young Adult Patrollers to follow the links to register for the Loon Mountain YAP event.  Registering allows us to accurately gauge the count of participants for planning purposes.  Once you register, we will send you additional information and other forms that might be required.

Questions can be directed to me, please follow the email link below:

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Anyone interested in downloading an application for the Eastern Division 2011 Young Adult Seminar at Sugarloaf Resort in Maine, held on March 18th through the 21st, 2011, please follow this link. This event fills up quickly, space is limited and the official deadline is February 18th, 2011.

Adaptive Skiing Program at Sunapee

Pete Starr, Regional OEC Administrator and Chris Rousseau, Regional Young Adult Program Advisor attended a one day, January seminar at Mount Sunapee on Adaptive Skiing operation, lift evacuation (with Mr. Tom Kersey), and medical treatment. This informative, hands on program was coordinated by Joelle Kraft, Mount Sunapee Student Advisor, and was taught by Ms. Amanda Rucci, a volunteer staff member with the New England Handicap Sports Association, (NEHSA).

NESHA, based at Mount Sunapee, provides over 900 lessons a year to skiers with a wide range of emotional and physical handicaps. NESHA’s staff of over 150 volunteers utilize over 58 different types of equipment to provide the adaptive community with a wide variety of approaches. Enjoy the pictures below from the seminar.