Out of Season On-Line ID Course Schedules

The 2016-2017 Ski Patrolling season is coming to an end.  During the season, NH Region ID Staff is committed to meeting their students at each student’s ski area.  Our goal is to provide the required face-to-face teaching portion of the Hybrid course as quickly as each student completes their On-Line virtual classroom work.

Now that the Patrolling season is coming to an end, NH Region offers three course meeting dates for students looking to enter NSP Instructor MENTORING programs.  Follow this link to review the region offerings . . .

Hybrid ID Course now offered

The newly hybridized online NSP Instructor Development Course is finally available to students who prefer a self paced/self motivated avenue towards becoming a Instructor.  NH Region ID staff is encouraging that all future instructor’s choose this method of learning.  More of the didactic learning has been moved to the Knowledge Direct Web and has been hybridized, similar to OEC refreshers.  This allows for more one-on-one Instructor interaction focusing on preparing the student for completing the practical exercises.  This newly reconstructed online course allows NSP’s future instructors a faster more individualized avenue for moving into the mentor-ship model where the discipline specific training begins. Check out the details here…

Instructor Activity Log

My copy of Ski Patrol magazine Winter 2016 edition (Volume 33-2) came in the mail today with an article by David Bramel titled “Instructor Tracking.”  The last article that I wrote for NH Region members on this subject was back in 2014, seeing Mr. Bramel commenting on the same subject inspired me to include some of his great insights.

"Instructor Tracking" by David Bramel, Ski Patrol Magazine Winter 2016 issue

“Instructor Tracking” by David Bramel, Ski Patrol Magazine Winter 2016 issue

Back in the early 2000’s, NSP created the Instructor Activity Log, which gets added to the member’s profile once they receive an Instructor’s Appointment.  About that time NSP also eliminated the Instructor’s Supplemental form from the back pages of the Course Completion Record.  The original idea was that Instructors would be better at maintaining their own teaching activities.

Unfortunately, this concept was not well embraced by Division and Region program supervisors.  Perhaps it included too many cumbersome steps to verify activity logs.  When I was the Region’s S&T Supervisor, accessing teaching activity logs of the NH ATI’s was never extended to me.  I knew the courses that Region Staff members were teaching, because these were events managed at the region level, but any of the handfuls of Alpine Toboggan Instructors that taught only at their own ski area, never crossed my desk.

When Instructor Development pushed out the updated manuals, forms and procedures in January 2014, the Instructor Supplemental at the end of the Course Completion Record, re-appeared.  Division supervisors missed the old supplemental form, so it was added back with a new title: “Instructor’s Teaching or Assisting with Course.”  However, it continues to be important for individual Instructor’s to maintain their own teaching activity log; because as an instructor you should be emailing a copy of your log to your Region Program Supervisors/Advisors at the conclusion of every season.  But isn’t NSP working on a new computer system for tracking education?

Yes, according to NSP Chairman Ed McNamara, the new IT roll-out for tracking educational courses will be debuting by the end of summer 2016.  But the IT Committee has not detailed how comprehensive the new computer system will be.  Those of you who have been tracking your teaching for the last decade definitely have built-in tools for exporting your activity log.  In the meantime,  lets remember to maintain our own individual Instructor’s Activity Log.

NH Instructors can visit the Region’s DOWNLOADS page for Instructor Resources and use “How to maintain you personal INSTRUCTOR ACTIVITY LOG” link to learn about this NSP resource.  If you read Mr. Bramel’s article in the current Ski Patrol magazine, be sure to visit the four page tutorial that he highlights.  The tutorial is a more visual step by step approach to learning about the Instructor’s Activity Log.  It was created by an Ohio Region member named Jim Vickroy and can be found here:

  1. Opening Your Activity Log
  2. Adding Entries to Your Activity Log
  3. Viewing Your Activity Log
  4. Exporting or Emailing Your Activity Log

Keep teaching, the Region appreciates the efforts of its Instructors.  We couldn’t  offer the such a rich level of educational courses without the dedication of our volunteer Instructors.  Thank you for all the extra time above your regular patrolling commitments that you all give back to the membership!

Two different ID Courses available for 2014-15 season

The NH Region Instructor Development Staff has two different ID courses available for students seeking to become instructors.  Follow the links to decide which is right for you:

  • On Sunday December 7th, 2014 (location to be determined) the staff will be team teaching the traditional all-day classroom based Instructor Development Course.
  • On Saturday December 6th, 2014, at Pat’s Peak, is the concluding meeting of the Instructor Development Hybrid On-line E-Course.  The on-line course is open for three weeks prior to the meeting.  Each individual student takes a self-paced, on-line guided learning approach, then meets in a short classroom setting to deliver their teaching assignment before the whole class.

Instructor Development Class

The New Hampshire Instructor Development (ID) staff ended the season with a late spring ID Course taught on May 31st, 2014.  Twelve future instructors came together for a day of classroom learning, making it the largest group of students New Hampshire has ever moved into its instructor ranks.

The 2013-14 ski season saw two Instructor Development courses offered.  The December 2013 course at Pat’s Peak saw six new students become instructor eligible.  Add to that this latest course with 12 passing students, and the season yielded 18 new instructors moving on to the mentoring phase of becoming NH Region Instructors.

The Instructor Development course is foundational training for patrollers wishing to become Instructors for the various programs that NSP offers:  OEC, Mountain Travel & Rescue, Alpine Toboggan Transportation, Avalanche and ID.  New instructors learn how to deliver lessons focused on providing a positive learning experience for their students.  Instructional methods, positive reinforcement, and effective lesson planning makeup the key elements of the 6 hour plus event.  Successful completion provides the new instructor with the confidence to enter the mentoring program in their chosen discipline.

NH Instructor Trainee, Virginia Gilman from Pat's Peek, learns about calling 911 on a mock phone made from a banana and a tissue box.

NH Instructor Trainee, Virginia Gilman from Pat’s Peak, learns about calling 911 on a mock phone made by fellow student Caleb Pike (not pictured) using a banana and a tissue box.

This fall, these 18 new instructors will continue onward by working with an assigned Mentor to learn the specifics involved for instructing in their  discipline.  To become a full Instructor, they still need to successfully teach three different sessions or chapters (as in OEC courses), under the watchful eye of their mentor.  Its the Mentor who’s takes the time to prepare their young instructors in the specific skills required for each of NSP’s disciplines.  For example, OEC Instructors focus on teaching chapter content and coaching the critical skills for first aid rendering.  Alpine Toboggan Instructors develop on-the-snow coaching skills to help their students develop and master handling toboggan.

NH Region is very pleased with the late spring response for an ID course.  The foundational elements of Instructor Development can easily come off as boring clinical subjects.  NH Region’s ID Staff brought in five of its instructors to move the class at a fast pace.  By changing up the lecturing staff, injecting humor, adding practical teaching exercises, the students experienced a quickly paced day of traditional classroom which moved by in a memorable and exciting pace.  Not only did they walk away with teaching foundation, they got a chance to model good teaching from watching their peers and the ID Instructors deliver practice lessons.

Every ski season New Hampshire Region offers the traditional classroom based “Instructor Development” course in early December.  Watch the NHNSP.ORG website for course registration, it will be held on December 7th, 2014.  The location has not been determined.  To find out more, watch the NH Region Events webpage or contact the ID Administrator:

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Instructor Development Course — May 31, 2014 — Litchfield, NH

Responding to membership demand, New Hampshire Region has scheduled an Instructor Development (ID) course for the spring of 2014.  Several members working on Senior electives as well as Patrol Directors looking to get a jump on next season’s OEC resource planning have continued to express interest in scheduling an ID course.

An ID course has been setup for Saturday May 31st, 2014 beginning at 8:30 am at the St. Francis School in Litchfield, NH.  For additional details and to register for the event, click on this link. . .

Will You Help Us Help Your Patrol?

If you have read any information on Instructor Development (ID), you are aware that the ID course has been designed as the springboard to all other disciplines. In order to become an instructor in any NSP educational program, you must complete this short prerequisite, either through classroom or e-learning venues. It is a definitive teaching template for adult learners and applies consistent content delivery techniques across the NSP educational catalog.

Over the last several months, this program has been revised to better accommodate a more student centric approach to learning.  To use a phrase, it has moved away from “death by powerpoint” and encouraged instructors to get students involved throughout the entire learning experience. The revised material will be implemented and available shortly.

The NH Region ID staff is constrained by numbers.  We don’t have a large pool of instructors who can offer up just in time courses. Despite the program’s importance, it has not been dynamic and proactive.  This needs to change if we are to develop a strong cadre of quality NSP instructors.

As we move into this ski season, I would like to challenge every patrol in New Hampshire to identify and encourage at least one good instructor to become an ID instructor.  How does this help patrol??? By developing in house ID instructors, other program training needs (OEC, Alpine Toboggan Instructor, etc.) can be more quickly addressed without waiting for a regionally driven ID course.  Your new instructor can register the needed ID course and get your staff on the path to becoming a discipline instructor. Over the past years, we have been able to build a strong core of in house discipline instructors.  To keep the momentum, we need to do the same for this key program.

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2013 Traditional Instructor Development Course

New Hampshire Region has announced its second annual traditionally taught Instructor Development (ID) Course for Sunday December 8th, 2013, at Pat’s Peak.  The traditional course is classroom based with guided practice.  Patrollers taking this course are ready to move onto their chosen discipline of teaching:  OEC, Toboggan Handling, Nordic, Avalanche, or MTR.

The ID course covers various concepts of instruction and how instructors can apply them to create a positive learning experience for adult learners.  The purpose for Instructor Development as a prerequisite for all other Instructor appointments is to helps future instructors build a strong foundation of educational knowledge for use when planning and delivering lessons. ID is structured to deliver general educational information applicable to all NSP instructors disciplines.

New Hampshire Region also offers an On-Line ID version of this course throughout the season for those who prefer to take it individually.  The On-Line Portal is currently under development.

To take this season’s traditional classroom style Instructor Development Course, click this link to register. . .

Instructor Development Course, May 19th

Sunday May 19, 2013 – Sunday May 19, 2013

686 Flanders Road

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Instructor Development prepares those heading into the NSP teaching world.  It is a required per-requisite for those destined to teach in the OEC, MTR and S&T programs.  The course lays out a solid foundation for understanding how to effectively get through to your students.

Click REGISTER to sign-up and take the course now:  Sunday May 19th from 9 AM to 3:30 PM.  Don’t wait till next fall.  Get your Instructor Development behind you before the new season begins.